Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blood is Thicker Than Water

Mason sat in anticipation all day Saturday, for the time when his brothers and sister (cousins) would come to spend the night. He finally had the bath he had been eagerly waiting for two days to have, but even that was not enough to get his mind off the fact that they were coming! He got out early, and wanted to go home to wait for them...only on the way home, he decided he wanted to go to his store (Macey's grocery store) to get ice cream for them.

So with the ice cream in the car, we headed home to wait. We ended up waiting for a while, so Mason laid down and took a nap. He was awake in bed when they walked in the door, so he pulled the cover over his head to hide. When they came in, he flipped the cover off and yelled: surprise!! It was the loudest I have heard him in such a long time! He's got a delicate little voice now, that rarely gets loud, but his excitement could not be contained. He had not been more excited in the whole time he was home!

As soon as possible, he was up out of bed, and run/walking into the living room to play with Mo and Jenna. I had to really move to keep up with him, but it wasn't really necessary, since he started walking without a wobble since the moment they got here. The change was like night and day! He is more excited, more interactive, and more in control of his body. He even picked up a chair last night and carried it across the room to get it out of his way, laughing and giggling the whole time.

Their visit this weekend has done him a lot of good. Though he still gets tired pretty quickly,  and needs to nap throughout the day, his cousins have helped his mind to heal more than anything else has.

Thanks for the visit Maumau kids!! We love you!

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