Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The {Not My} Birthday Celebration

Mason's birthday was yesterday! I was pretty sad that he had to spend it in the hospital, but I decided I was going to make the best of it. Mason was excited too...until he realized that it was going to be while he was in the hospital. Then he got angry. He refused to have his birthday celebration here.

You see, he's been planning his birthday all year. He has known exactly what he wanted for his birthday, and has told me all year long what was needed to make it the best party ever:

A train cake
Party hats
Birthday plates

I have had the list memorized all year. Since we've been in the hospital, the list has changed. He wanted chocolate cupcakes instead of a cake. Candles were no longer a priority, but the balloons and his family were at the top of the list every time. And now the party hats needed to be colorful.

I woke up early and decorated his room. I had been planning it all weekend, and was there at 5:00 am, to get it all done before he was woken up at 6 by the doctors.

He woke up at 6. He looked at the decorations.

He hated them.

He wanted me to tear them down. It was NOT going to be his birthday!

I decided to let him go back to sleep and try again. But all day, would be the same thing. He didn't want his birthday to be in the hospital. He wanted to go home, and have his birthday there. Completely understandable. This poor boy is plain DONE with hospitals, doctors, and now even "nice nurses."

Sometime that afternoon, we got a knock on the door, and were greeted by two smiling faces: a girl two rooms down, pushed in her wheelchair by her father. She carried on her lap a little stuffed dog, and some balloons. They explained that she had just had her birthday not too long ago, and she knew how it felt to have a birthday in the hospital. Tears threatened as Mason woke up and reached for the dog with a smile on his face. "I love doggies!" He told her, and laid back down hugging the animal.

It was a turning point for him, and the rest of the day seemed a little brighter. He allowed himself to admit that he was excited to see his family, even if he wasn't excited for it to be his birthday. He admitted to loving the decorations, and was even upset when a streamer fell down.

Mason became compliant, and I dare say he became excited...although he wouldn't show it. He "allowed" us to give him a bath, change his sheets and clothes, and to talk about the celebration.

But it wasn't until his cousins, the first of his family to arrive, that he really showed how excited he was. By the time we got him into the wheelchair, and wheeled him over to the party room, almost everyone was there. His cousins had decorated the room and made it look to cute, and his uncle Dee had made him a Thomas poster. He was a bit suprised by the sudden presence of so many family members, but I only had to ask if he wanted to go lie down, for him to assure me that he was NOT going to leave any time soon. And he was happy...finally!

There was a slight hiccup, since I had told my sister not to make chocolate cupcakes (he wasn't keeping chocolate down at all), and Mason had been expecting chocolate cupcakes. He was so sad that the one thing he had requested above all, was not at his party. Worst mommy mistake ever! So we sang happy birthday to a crying boy, while his uncle Vili ran to the store and bought him chocolate cupcakes. Once he understood that, he was just fine eating the chocolate chip cupcake auntie Talia had made, until the chocolate ones got there. :)

Aside from needing to go potty and not wanting to, the rest of the night was great. He fed himself for the first time since he's been in the hospital, which happened only because I stepped away when he wanted another spoonful of ice cream, and he figured it would be faster to get it himself. He also kept everything down (even the chocolate cupcakes), and was able to tell me when he was tired, and needed to go lie down.

I didn't get a picture of him with everyone like I had planned, but for once, pictures were not my priority. Luckily, my dad picked up my camera and snapped away during the whole party. He really liked taking pictures...who would have known?

And just something quick to add, since this happened while I was in the middle of writing this post:

Mason is now stitch-free! Well, on his first scar, at least. All of his other scars have dissolving stitches, so these are the only ones that needed to be taken out. 
His EVD is also clamped for the day, in preparation of it being taken OUT soon! :)

EDIT: If you've been paying attention to his stats in the sidebar, you'll notice that his number of tubes and wires attached has gone down from nine, to seven! He also has an extra surgical scar and three more stitches than he did before. No, he didn't have surgery, he just has another scar that I had never noticed until last night. You can see it in the picture above, if you click on it and make it as big as possible. It's just to the left of his S scar. I have no idea if that is from the first surgery, or the second.


  1. You have bought tears to my eyes in so many ways, and it's about the sweetness of a mother you are!!, yet you stand firm and gentle....you have the most sweetest parents ever and the fruit has fallen right next to the trees of life....God Bless you, your Mason that has bought me such a thankful heart of counting my blessings daily. Your family is the greatest and your testimonies are the strongest with faith unwavering. Thank you for all you do as a family, and a mother that plays such a big role that Mason will always be grateful for. I love you dearly, aunty oma
    uncle vili is the greatest too !! please send my love to everyone ok, and kisses to Mason boy.

  2. This is so precious, Pene. I teared up reading it. You're an amazing mom for doing this for Mason. I'm glad he finally started enjoying it, looks like a fun party! Tell him Happy belated Birthday from me!


  3. How sweet is this post! You are such an amazing source of inspiration - and what a lucky boy Mason is to have you! His party looks so fun and that pic with him and the stuffed dog is adorable. I already told Latu, but I need to not be wearing makeup when I read your posts - brings me to tears every time! Love you!

  4. Oh, I wish we could have been there to celebrate! Keep the updates coming.

  5. I'm a friend of your Auntie Michelle, we have actually met a few times (the most memorable would've probably be going to Eclipse last year). Anyway, Michelle has been updating me on your precious little guy and had a link on her blog to here. I just have to say, You are amazing and your little angel is such a trooper. You two are an inspiration. While reading through your udates from the beginning, I couldn't help but cry. It is astounding all the things that you all have gone through in such a short amount of time yet so refreshing to hear of these beautiful miracles that you have witnessed so far. Just know, you and Mason are being prayed for. Keep the faith and Heavenly Father won't leave your side.

  6. Yer such a good mom Pene. Keep it up. Mason is so lucky to have you. Love the family support!! Love you guys.

  7. Wow Pene! What a great party! He will always remember that as the day his mama pulled through. I love the pictures too! So many people I love! Hope each day is getting better :D Miss you all!