Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spot the Differences

Since Mason's first surgery, I feel like I have been playing Spot The Differences. You know, that game they have in kid's magazines, where there are two almost identical pictures, and you have to circle all the differences? That's what I'm playing with Mason. Not only am I looking for possible side-effects of the surgeries, but I have also learned to look for things I never expected: slight personality changes that surprise me. Every time I see the Mason I knew before surgery, I also see something different about him that's new.

The most obvious one is that he is now cross-eyed. That you can spot from a mile away. When he smiles, it is with the same bright, one-dimple smile he always had. But his eyes are different, and it throws me off sometimes when I'm not expecting it. It's only when he laughs, that it's really hard to see any differences from before. I see this in his attitude as well. He is the same sweet, loving boy he has always been. But then there are times when I can see that he is different, somehow...scared but stronger, and more aware of his surroundings, if that is possible.

Watching him is kind of like watching identical twins: they look exactly the same until you study them, and then they begin to look different. Pretty soon, you can tell them apart, but you're not really sure why.

The same, but different...The son I know, and the son I am getting to know...the concept is strange, but interesting to see. Mason is different, changed, and somehow still the same.

Spot the differences.

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  1. warm vibes and loving healthy thoughts for you and your adorable son, Penelope ~ hang in there.
    Sincerely, Katie