Thursday, December 9, 2010

1st Treatment

Mason had his first Radiation treatment today! He was happy and excited, right up until they put him up on the Radiation table to access his port. Before that, he had asked questions about the machine, and had commented on how funny it looked. He didn't like being poked, even though it didn't hurt, but he cried a lot less this time. He even told my mom afterward: "It didn't hurt, but I cried anyway." So I think the future looks better in that long as I remember to put the numbing cream on before we leave!

The actual Radiation took about 45 minutes (it's supposed to be 20). I kept worrying if something was wrong, and the anesthesiologist told me afterward, that because he had congestion in his throat, he had begun to cough and they had to stop and help him, then reposition, start over, etc. He hinted that they may have had to give him oxygen as well. He left a note for the anesthesiologist for tomorrow to watch out for that, so hopefully things will go a little smoother then.

Mason recovered really well, and was out of the hospital soon after. He did get nauseas on the ride home, and then spent half the night throwing up because it had made him sick. I called the Dr., though, and they are going to give him nausea medicine tomorrow to help with that. I knew that was one of the possible side effects, but I had hoped Mason's poor body would be spared. He hates throwing up and he hates taking medicine of any kind now. I have no idea how they will get him to take it...unless they give it to him through his port, which he wouldn't like either. But it's just one more thing we'll get to work on. :)

Anyways, Mason did start feeling well enough to help decorate our Christmas tree with his uncle Sila this evening, and he is super excited for Christmas. He's already calling it the "best Christmas EVER!"

I love his outlook.


  1. Oh Pene, you are so strong. I love that you are sharing this with all who wish to listen. Your posts are changing lives,i hope you realize that. How? For me, they're reminding me how precious life is, that even in the middle of a trial-you can find little things to appreciate and celebrate. If I ever have to lose one of my boys, it's because of you that I may have no regrets... I hope I'll be able to say, "i treasured every moment," "i wasn't quick to anger," "i watched them closely and listened to the spirit for guidance in regards to their health and well-being." Obviously,i never want to face such a moment, but it would be prideful to think, ' that could never happen to me...'
    Stay strong, we're praying for you, and so happy he's still here and blessed to have you as his mother.

  2. What a brave little guy! I'm glad the 1st one went pretty good. You guys are still always in my thoughts and prayers. Love you!