Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Send Off

To me, bringing in the New Year is not complete without a send-off of the old year. This year has been full many memories--good and bad. Today, with all that had happened since November, I choose to focus on the good (it's becoming my mantra).

Favorite Memories 2010

The day Mason told my mom that he had "learned something new today", but wouldn't tell her what it was. It wasn't until later that night, when she opened the refrigerator and found an ice tray filled with water sitting on the top shelf, that she knew he had learned to make ice.

My birthday, when Mason and I spent all morning having a picnic at the park.

This summer, where all we did was drive up the canyon and have picnics all the time; Mason's favorite summer activity.

Mason waking up each morning and telling me about his dream that night--good or bad.

The night Mason said: "Mommy, I think I'm going to dream about a rose garden, and you can come with me. Hold my hand so you can come in my dream." BeStillMyHeart!

The day this summer when Mason started telling me stories from his imagination every night. I recorded them all!

The hike Mason and I took with his Uncle Darl this summer, that he did NOT want to end. We took it just before Mason started getting sick, and it ended up being the only one he had stamina for...although he wanted to back so many times.

Last week when--after just getting a brand new train--Mason decided that his little baby brother (cousin) needed trains to play with, or he would never be happy. He wrapped two trains, including his brand new one, and a track for them to ride on, and gave them to him as a Christmas present. All at his own volition.

When he painted a rainbow a couple weeks after getting out of the hospital and gave it to me "to thank you for all that you do for me."

Favorite Memories from the Hospital 2010

An hour after Mason's second brain surgery (within a week of the first surgery), he was awake and talking, although he could barely move and was very grumpy. He said he had to go potty. He REFUSED to go potty in his tube (the catheter). He yelled for about five minutes, saying over and over, that he would NOT go potty in a tube. He waited another five minutes while the kind nurse went and got his doctors. In walked three doctors, including his neurosurgeon, all surprised to see him awake so soon, and even yelling! They agreed that if he wanted it so badly, he could have the catheter out; something that they wouldn't take out for two days after the first surgery. So it was, that Mason had his catheter out an hour after coming out of surgery, and was going potty "in a cup." His favorite way to do it. :)

The night Mason and I stayed up until six in the morning, reading books, and watching movies together. We were alone, and--somehow--it felt like we were at home.

Mason saying a prayer in the hospital--laying in bed, barely able to fold his arms--saying each word with meaning and hope.

Watching him in his wheelchair, being pushed past the room where he had his birthday party, when he got excited and said: "Hey! That's my Birthday party room!!" And every time after that, he would say the same thing.

That very first bath in the hospital, where he was able to relax for the first time, and I literally watched the anxiety and pain leave his body.

Watching him realize for the first time in two weeks, that he really could walk!

Seeing the joy on his face, and hearing his cute little giggles, as he rode all around through two floors of the hospital; only ten minutes after he walked for the first time! Also, the look on his neurosurgeon's face when we turned the corner, and he saw his patient riding a bike so soon! :)

I'm looking forward to a brand new year of these great memories with my Mason!

Happy New Year!

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