Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Christmas Spirit

 I came across this Christmas talk given by President Thomas S. Monson in 1998, and wanted to share it. You can read the full talk here.

"This is a glorious time of the year, simple in origin, deep in meaning, beautiful in tradition and custom, rich in memories, and charitable in spirit. It has an attraction to which our hearts are readily drawn...Why does peace come closer to reality at this season than at any other? Why is it that more friends are remembered and more enemies forgiven at the Christmas season than at any other time? It is the Christmas spirit."

May we all turn our hearts to the spirit of Christmas, and experience the peace and happiness that comes with the season

Merry Christmas!


  1. He is so handsome, Pene! I hope you guys had a really great day! P.S. I love his pajamas! Harley has the same ones, only in blue :D

  2. He looks so happy! Hope you guys had a memorable and great Christmas! <3 you Lolohea family!

  3. Ah, what a sweet boy. I'm glad he's not bothered by losing his hair - he looks handsome no matter what. I hope your Christmas was wonderful - we're so glad you got to have Christmas at home with your cute boy! Love ya!

  4. Dani: That's so funny! They really are cute pajamas! I never saw blue ones, though, but Mason likes them well enough. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    Monica: We love you and your family, too! Hope your Christmas was fun!

    Chandie: Thank you! We had such a great Christmas, I was sad for it to end. I hope you and your family had a great Christmas too!