Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It's That Time of Year

I know this is a blog about Mason, and his battle with cancer, but this one post isn't about that. It's about Primary Children's Medical Center (PCMC), and how you, personally, can help not only Mason, but thousands of other children. 

No, I'm not selling anything. 

I'm just sending you an invite to one of my most favorite events of the year: The Festival of Trees!

The Festival of Trees is an annual event in Utah, hosting the world's largest indoor displays of decorated Christmas trees.  The trees, wreaths, handmade quilts, centerpieces, and gingerbread houses are all donated for display, and are sold at auction on opening night. Baked goods, sweet rolls, scones, kid's crafts, photos with Santa, and gift items are also donated and sold, and EVERY PENNY made is donated to Primary Children's!  

Here's what they do with the money: "One out of nine children who walk in the doors of Primary Children’s Medical Center cannot afford to pay for their medical costs.  Primary Children’s charity care program ensures that every child receives the best medical care possible, regardless of race, religion, or ability to pay."

What difference does this make for Mason, specifically? 
"In addition to charity care...Festival of Trees also supports research programs at the hospital for children suffering from cancer, heart disease, prematurity, and other illnesses and injuries." ...and yeah, there's a little of the "ability to pay" part factoring in for Mason, too.

I just got back from volunteering in the Sweet Shoppe for opening night (the night of the silent auctions). I didn't want to go. I was gently pushed into it by my family. My brother and sister have signed up to volunteer every night, in gratitude for the amazing care Mason received from PCMC. 

It's not that I wasn't grateful. It's just that I came up with every reason I could think of not to go: "I'm stressed out, I have too much to worry about, I'm feeling sick...." I had every intention of volunteering every single year, to show my gratitude...starting next year. 

But after volunteering today and seeing things from the other side, I am feeling very humbled, and even more grateful than I was before (SOOO glad I went). I mean, the amazing support that people are willing to give for this cause is awe-inspiring! Just the fact that so many are willing to donate whatever is needed to make this event happen is amazing. EVERYTHING is donated: the papers and printing for the flyers and ads, the trucks to deliver the purchased trees, the grocery bags to hold things from the gift shop, and on, and on. And then there are the many volunteers, chairmen, and chairwomen, etc....

I'm talking too much.

But really. This is an awesome event, and is the much-anticipated kick-off to Utah's Christmas season. 

It is the 5-day rival of the lights at Temple Square. 

It is the place to be for a good time this week. 

So come walk around and see the clever decorating skills of many people. Listen to great music, take your kids to the craft area, or to get a picture with Santa, and maybe even buy something sweet to eat. 

Every penny helps.

Festival of Trees: December 1-4, 10am - 10pm
South Towne Expo Center

Tickets: $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children 2-11 (2 and under free), and $4.00 for senior citizens. Discounted tix available at Zion's banks.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for my family members if you go!
Also, I did not take these pictures. They are from the FOT's press kit.

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