Monday, December 6, 2010

On Finding a Tumor, Part 2 of 3

Click here the read part 1 of Mason's story.

After finding that Mason did in fact have significant hearing loss in his right ear, we went to see the specialist we were referred to a little more than a month later, on October 5th; his earliest appointment. It turned out to be three specialists. Long story short, they asked a whole bunch of questions that I did not know the answers to, and some that even made me a little scared for what might be wrong. What we originally thought was an MRI appointment, was actually a meeting, and then a re-do of the hearing test since the specialist just wanted to make sure. We were told that: yep, they got the same results as the original hearing test. Duh. Mason was scheduled for an MRI on November 10th, a little more than a month later; the earliest opening at that facility.

That was about the time that the throwing up got worse. It started happening two or three times a week, and came with the headaches that he had started getting a few weeks earlier. After two weeks of that, with it only getting worse (now it was 3+ times a day, with multiple headaches), I decided I needed to take him in to the doctor. I happened to choose the day that his Pediatrician was out of the office, so I agreed to have him seen by another doctor in the same practice. That was a mistake. Though he was polite, he didn't really listen to me, and instead felt like it wasn't such a big deal. He said that since Mason already had an MRI scheduled for his hearing, even though it was three weeks away, that he would be fine. Even with all the throwing up and headaches! From the time I walked in the front doors of the building, to the time I walked out of the office, it had been 6 minutes (including the check-in time). Mason was given a 6 minute prognosis. I should have insisted on him being checked out more thoroughly, but I didn't.

It was about a week later, and a conversation with my mom, that I decided I didn't like that doctor, and I wanted Mason to be seen by his regular pediatrician. The vomiting and headaches were only increasing in number. I made an appointment, and we went to her office. She came in and listened to my story (really listened). I told her how often he had been throwing up, how often the headaches happened, and that he had not had any other signs of illness; no fever, runny nose, cough, etc. All the same things I had told the other doctor. I didn't even have to finish before I could tell she was worried. She asked a few questions, listened to his breathing, and checked his eyes, nose, ears, etc. Then she asked when his MRI was scheduled. I told her it was scheduled for two weeks later. That wasn't soon enough for her (this is why she's amazing!). She had us wait for a few minutes, while she and her staff tried to get Mason an earlier MRI. She came back, with an MRI scheduled for just a few days away at a closer hospital, and said that the hospital in Provo would also be giving me a call if they could get him in earlier than that (did I mention what a good Pediatrician she is? I'm never switching!). At this time, Mason had to go potty, so she gave us a cup, and did a quick blood sugar test, just to make sure.

That test was negative, so I crossed Diabetes off my mental list of possible illnesses as we walked out the door of the doctor's office.

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