Sunday, December 19, 2010

One Week Down, Five To Go

Well, today marks end of the first week of treatments, and the beginning of the second, and already I feel like we've been at it for a months just because of all we have been through. This week has been full of ups and downs for Mason.

The chemo treatment he received on Monday has given his body quite a hard time. He hasn't wanted to eat anything all week, saying that his tummy was always full. Never mind that he just woke up and hadn't eaten all night or the day before. It has even been a struggle to get him to drink anything. He has already begun losing weight, and the medical staff has talked about the possibility of needing another feeding tube to supplement for what he isn't eating. Thankfully, he woke up this morning with one big appetite and has been grazing on things all day. I just hope it's enough to keep his weight in check, and his body healthy.

Another side-effect we've been seeing is his attitude. It is blazingly worse, and he has hours-long tantrums over things like changing the color of a cartoon's dress (that was yesterday), and the color of the cheese he is eating (that was this morning). We've just been taking everything in strides...and when that fails, we just wait for him to tantrum himself to sleep and hope he doesn't wake up crying about it. Luckily, he takes a lot of naps, too. ;) 

The other two side effects are jaw pain and nausea, both contributing to him not wanting to eat. He has medicine for both, but it is another struggle (one I could write a whole post about) to actually get him to take them. I've been successful twice, so far, so things are improving a little. 

For a bit of good news, Mason is now taking walks again...long walks, where he begs to go farther and farther (thanks Vili, Darl, Mom, and Dad, for taking him all those times!). He's not too tired to go anymore, and begs people to take him, even though it is the dead of winter. He's definitely making up for lost time, and I am glad for it.

Once again I will not be going to Mason's appointments tomorrow since I still have a nasty, congested cough, and wouldn't dare set foot in the Hematology/Oncology center with it. In case you think I'm just being a baby (am I the only one who thinks this?), it would be pertinent to know that with the treatments given there, white blood cell levels can get dangerously low...and those are the good guys who fight off infection. A simple cough could have the power to kill. This is true for Mason at home, as well, but I'm stocked with lots of soap and sanitizer...and we wash our hands like crazy nowadays. We also do a lot of hoping and praying that nothing will be passed on to him. So far, it hasn't. THANK GOODNESS!

Wish us luck for this coming week, and the first of four times Mason will have to be accessed. Latu will be taking him in for me, so if it goes terribly again, you can be sure something will be done about it THAT DAY. 


  1. I love you honey and know my families prayers are with you and your little Mason, and don't ever be afraid to holler I am always here.
    Love Always Bambi

  2. We are all pulling for Mason here in Hawaii! What he is doing makes our issues look so insignificant. Darl & Michelle and family

  3. Amber: It's been such a long time! Thanks so much for your message. It's good to hear from you! Love ya!

    Uncle Curt: There is no way your issues are insignificant! In fact, Mason and I have been completely inspired by you and auntie Michelle, and your strength and faith while going through it all. Thank YOU!

  4. Ah, I'm so sorry you are sick and can't go! It is the worst to have to stay behind. I hope you get better soon!

    I can imagine it's felt like a month already! It's amazing how time blurs together. I hope his treatments get easier (well, that he gets more used to the process and they go smoothly). We will be praying for you and Mason and that he can be strong in the face of such nasty side effects! It really is a love-hate relationship with that darn chemo. :)

  5. I just found all your info, Pene! And I am overwhelmed by all you and Mason have gone through. You're a rock for him and such a great mom. We love you both!