Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quick Update

Just a few quick updates on Mason. This may be the shortest blog post I've ever written....

1.) Mason went in for a swallow study yesterday and they found that he is silently aspirating his liquids, which is what has made him sick this week. Thank goodness it hasn't gotten as far as pneumonia, though. He was on thickened liquids since he's been out of the hospital, but he will now be on them for the next 3 months. Basically, any liquid that he drinks (even milk in cereal, and juice in soups) has to have a thickening agent added to it that makes it as thick as nectar ("nectar thick"). He also has to drink all liquids through a straw. So far, he hasn't had a problem with this, and always waits patiently for me to mix his thickener into whatever he wants to drink. For me, it's just one more step in the process, and I'm super glad he isn't on a "honey thick" restriction!

2.) Mason starts his radiation treatments tomorrow. He isn't too upset about them, since he found out that the numbing cream works, but I hate to see how he feels about them after he actually goes through one. It's going to be terrible on his body!

3.) The chemo treatments will start on Monday. I sure hope they're ready for him, 'cause he's back to his normal, pre-tumor, hyperactive self, and I'm not sure that he'll sit still for the whole time! I think it's like an hour long, so I'm going to think of some fun, hour-long game he can play while sitting in a chair...or maybe we'll bring lots of books to read. One or the other should work.

4.) Lastly, meet the newest member of the Stuffed family: Henry.

Mason loves him. And the Utah Highway Patrol, who were so nice to give it to him. They went around the hospital giving stuffed animals out and came into the Oncology clinic while we were at Mason's appointment on Monday. I have pictures of him actually holding and playing with it, but I can't get them off my phone right now.

Okay, not the shortest, but pretty short in comparison to others. More tomorrow!

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  1. Yuck!!! Give that horse back! It's tainted!!! I will buy him one a cop didn't touch! hahahaha