Thursday, December 30, 2010

Three Weeks Down, Three To Go!

It is now three weeks into Mason's treatment, and today marks exactly half-way for his radiation, and half-way for the first part of his chemotherapy. Mason (the lucky boy) has tomorrow off because Radiation is closed for New Year's, so he gets another three-day weekend. Yay!

The drive up to radiation this morning was only slightly terrifying. The freeway was one loooong sheet of ice (Orem to point of the mountain), frozen from the giant water puddles that we, along with every other car, hydroplaned through on the way home yesterday. We passed car, after car, on the side of the road, and even one that had spun completely around and was facing us. My brother, who I trust with my life in weather like that, was nice enough to drive us this morning and we made it safely. Phew!

Normaly, Mason wakes up pretty easily in the early mornings for his appointments, no matter how much sleep he has had (it's really the getting him to sleep part that's the hardest). Once or twice in the week, he will complain that he doesn't want to go, but he will still wake up enough for me to get his shoes, jacket, and hat on him, and get him in the car.

This morning, though, he had an enthusiasm for it that I've never seen in him before. He was more than happy to wake up, even though he had gone to sleep late last night. He slept for the two hours it took us to get up there, and when he woke up at the hospital steps, he gasped.

He whipped his seatbelt off and said: "The doctor! We're at my favorite doctor!"

He was happy and chatty the whole time through check-in, and then while we waited for the anesthesiologist. The Radiation Therapists came in like they always do, and began to fawn over Mason, which he seriously LOVES. Who wouldn't? When the anesthesiologist said: "Okay, should we go in?" Mason said okay, and just took off with a smile, running back into the room. We had to hurry to keep up with him!

He got in and just sat up on the table and started playing with his Iron Man mask. When the anesthesiologist started getting the tubes and cords ready, Mason began joking by putting on a sad face and saying: "are they going to poke me?" Then he would giggle, and ask it again. I love this silly boy!!

When we got home, we had a surprise waiting on out doorstep. It was a package from Make-A-Wish!

The package had Mason's name on it, written neatly in calligraphy, and inside was this cute little castle that opened to reveal a special key!

The paper says that it opens the door to the wishing room, in the wishing tower, where Mason will go to officially make his wish. Isn't that so cute!

Mason thought it was so cool, and has been talking about his key since he opened it. He wouldn't smile for a picture because he wanted to be silly, but at least he let me take some! :)

Here he is eating the key:

I thought is was the sweetest touch, and Mason is already excited to use the key. He's had a fascination with keys and locks for the longest time, and is going to LOVE using it!

Thank you Make-A-Wish! 

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