Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Update on Blood Counts

Well, we are back from Mason's appointments today, and we have good news:

Mason's ANC is back up!! In case you missed it yesterday, they dropped down to 300. After a shot of Neupogen to boost production, they are back up to 2700 today!! It's a pretty big leap, and the Nurse said she was surprised that it happened with just one shot. They told us yesterday that they were planning to give him daily doses for a week, but he won't need them now.

The blood transfusion did wonders for him also. His red blood cell counts are back up to a normal range, and he is all smiles and jokes today.

He got to add lots of new beads to his necklace for the cool things he got to do yesterday...and also a cute little face bead for hair loss. :)

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