Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well, Bust My Buffers!

I have written two other posts today, each with different news to give, but neither one made the cut. I was going to hold off on this until things were further in the works.

...but I can't.

The fact is, I got a call from the Make-a-Wish Foundation today.

Mason is going to have a WISH!! 

I nominated him for one just two days ago (I think)! Truth be told, I had a hard time deciding if it was something I should do. My reasons were because a.) we have already received so many blessings throughout this ordeal that I felt like I couldn't ask for more, and b.) Mason, although he is having a hard time with his treatments, it is not as bad compared to the stories of other kids. I didn't feel right asking for something that could be given to a child who is having an even harder time.

I thought and thought about this, holding off on putting the nomination form in, until I read something on their site one day. I really can't remember where it was located, but it talked about a wish being a life-affirming thing, giving hope to those who struggle with treatments and such--it's not just for those who's prognosis does not look all that great.

So I thought about it some more (real decision-maker here), until it dawned on me: this isn't about me! It's not about how I feel, it's about how Mason feels. It's about how even though he isn't still sitting in the hospital two months later, or he isn't on his 10th surgery in two months, he is still going through something terrible. This is CANCER, for goodness sake; how can I dare cheapen what he is going through? He is only four years old! Heck yes he deserves to have something amazing to look forward to after going through all his treatments! (cue dramatic music)

Yes, this all went through my mind. Needless to say, I sent the application in. I had no idea I would get a call back so quickly, though. I felt really good about it, and couldn't help but dance around the house singing about how Mason was going to have a wish! Mason joined me, we turned some music on, and we seriously had an impromptu dance session.

Later, we had this conversation, that just re-affirmed my decision to put the application in:

Mase: "Mommy?"
Me: "Yes?"
Mase: "I don't like cancer...cancer is scary. Cancer is bad! Cancer is a fuzz pop!" 

Then he began to cry. He is having a hard time, and he totally deserves this. 

And boy, is he excited for it, too! When I first asked him what he would wish for, he blurted: "Another train!" I then took the time to explain that this was a special wish, one that would let him go anywhere, do anything, or have anything. He could have anything in the world, and it was all his choice. I literally saw his face brighten, as his mind started thinking of the possibilities. After talking with him today, I am pretty sure he is going to choose to either go to Disney World, or do something involving trains (of course). 

Although, knowing Mason, this could very well change within the next day...or even hour. He did find out that they have a couple of trains at Disney World, though, so that kind of sealed the deal in his mind. He just may stick with that.

Whatever it is, I know he's gong to love it, and I absolutely look forward to watching him experience an actual wish come true. I could not be more grateful for what is to come!


  1. That is so amazing, Pene! I am so happy for you both. Mason totally deserves it.

  2. Congratulations! I'm happy for both of you! He is going through a tough time, bless his heart. It is scarey and no, it's not any fun. I hope where ever you two go, it will be a happy and fun time!♥

  3. I am so happy Mason will get this opportunity. We have some friends who are Make-A-Wish providers here, for kids who want to come to Hawaii, fish, or do other things dealing with boats, ocean, etc. It is a fantastic program!

  4. This is great news! What a great time you will have - no matter where you go or what you do. It'll be wonderful for him to have something to look forward to.

  5. Oh, Penelope, I'm so happy for you guys! I'm seriously crying happy tears: 1. at the mental picture of Mason's face brightening as he thinks about all the possibilities for his wish, and 2. because we have first hand experience with Make A Wish and I know what an INCREDIBLE organization they are and I'm so excited for you guys to get some of that hope and magic in your lives.

    It's truly such an amazing organization - what they do, the people who work there, the hope they give and the sparkle they put back in little kids faces. I can't say enough about how incredible the whole experience is! I'm SO happy Mason will get to have a wish granted. It's amazing what having something exciting to cling to will do for them. My husband and I both had VERY similar feelings to you about nominating Elena- we struggled for months and months with the decision, feeling like you said - that there were other kids worse off than her, etc. We actually weren't even the ones who ended up nominating her in the end - someone else beat us to it. We finally had a similar realization to you - that it wasn't about us - it was about Elena. And she's been through more than most three year olds have ever had to go through - CANCER, for pete's sake! And things like being in lots of pain and discomfort, not being able to be a normal little kids and go out and do things, getting a needle in the chest at least once a week, etc, etc. You know. :) Anyways, I think I know how you feel. :) But it will be such a wonderful experience for you both!

    We are leaving on Elena's Make A Wish trip in about a week and a half!!!! :) We're so excited. I want to hear ALL about your guys Make A Wish experience!

  6. I am so happy for you and Mason! This is a great opportunity from an amazing organization. I am so glad you put in the application. Go Mason.