Friday, December 10, 2010

When All Else Fails, Just Flip Him Over

Mason went in for his second Radiation treatment today, without me. I got hit with the flu like no other yesterday, and was basically useless as a mother for most of the day. I opened Mason's account on the computer that has games for him to play, sat him down, and then slept (no, Mason didn't have the flu). When I said yesterday that he decorated the tree with his uncle Sila, as opposed to me, it was for this reason. But I'm pretty sure Sila was more than happy to decorate with him...he seemed a little too "okay" with taking on the task. ;)

My sister Talia was kind enough to take Mason to his Radiation appointment for me this morning. She went with a pretty long list of instructions from me (my wordiness extends past mere blog posts), and did fabulous. I was worried that something else would go wrong today just because I wasn't there, but things went fine for the most part.

From what I understand, they did have some more trouble getting him into position today because of how congested he is. I guess when they would get him into position, his oxygen would go too low, and they would have to stop and make sure he was okay each time. After trying for a while, they gave up and took him back to the simulation room to get him positioned and tattooed so they could do the radiation while he was laying on his back. I think they will do it that way from now on, but I'm going to clarify that with the Radiation Oncologist on Monday, because I have questions about it.

After that, things went fine from what I hear. They gave him nausea medicine that seems to have worked, and sent him up to his room to recover and wake up. When I called, he was playing a game with Talia, and it sounded like he was having a lot of fun with his auntie. He got to go to her house afterward and play with her kids, which is one of his most favorite things in the world! He came home in the cutest mood, just bursting with stories of his trip with Auntie Lia.

He also hasn't stopped talking about how they didn't have to poke him because they used his "access port." ...his port, that they had left accessed. Smart kid. :)

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  1. So great to hear great news!! Don't ya just LOVE Talia....I do!! :)