Monday, January 24, 2011

Captain Feeding Tubiieeee

Okay, that's the silliest name ever, but it sure made Mason laugh after he found out he was going to need another feeding tube. He wasn't happy about needing one. Who would be? But in light of the 24 pounds he has lost, and his vocal chord paralysis, and his counts continually being so low, it was something that needed to be done. He needs nutrition. Badly.

I know you're exclaiming right now. 24 pounds? Yep. A big 2-4. He is so skinny, I can't even believe it's him sometimes; to think of him as the chunk of solid muscle he used to be. His clothes are baggy on him, and most of the time they hide everything away...but when I change his clothes, there is no denying that he is long and...well, really, really long. And delicate. Now, before I drag on and on, lamenting the loss of his baby fat and much-loved muscle, I'll just refer you to my sister's blog, where you can see the before and after pics for yourself. I didn't even realize what a huge difference there was until she posted this. I always told myself it wasn't that bad.

Anyways, when it came down to it, and they went to put the tube in, no amount of efforts to console him would do. He screamed and thrashed in my arms, spit up, threw up, cried for it to be taken out, and kicked the nurse somewhere around 20 or 30 the same spots. I feel really bad about that, although she said she didn't mind it at all. In the end, it had taken somewhere around 10 minutes from start to finish, but not all of that was inserting the tube. Mason screamed himself into such a fit, that none of the tape would stick because of all the sweat. They went through bandage after bandage, trying to get it taped to his cheek. Then they sent me home with even more, for when it inevitably fell off again.

He slept for hours once we got home, and didn't talk to me at all, except to tell me he was tired. When he woke up, he told my sister how sad he was, and then cried: "I just want to go back to radiation!" :(

We'll have a home healthcare nurse coming soon to set up his feeding equipment, and show me how to use it, although I think I already know from watching it in the hospital...but it's better to be sure. He will have to work himself up to them, but the goal is to have 12-hour feedings every day so that he won't (in theory) need to eat anything, which could potentially damage his throat even more.

12 hours attached to a feeding pump. At least he gets to go make his wish tomorrow! Hopefully it will somewhat make up for what having to get the tube. I hope!


  1. Ohhh. At least he is still fighting and kicking for all he has. Love that guy. I will send you a photo of Michelle's bald head, if it helps.

  2. Poor little guy has been through so much. He is such a fighter, and so are you! You guys are amazing, keep up the fight and press forward! We love you!

  3. Uncle Curt: Mason would love that! It would help him a lot. :)

    Carrie: Thank you! We love you guys, and are praying for your sweet little Niece.