Monday, January 17, 2011

First Day of the Last Week

This day just flew by! I just looked at the time, and realized it's almost midnight, and I haven't posted anything yet! Here's what went on today:

The day started out badly, which should have been my sign that things weren't going to go as well as I had hoped. I didn't get much sleep, the dryer wouldn't dry my clothes, and Mason woke up c.r.a.n.k.y!

After convincing Mason to at least lie still while I put his numbing cream on him, I went to do it, only to find that I had ran out of tegaderm; the little plastic patch that I'm supposed to put over the cream to seal the sides, and keep the cream from drying out before it has a chance to numb the skin. I got crafty and cut a zip lock to the right size and taped it on...but it wouldn't stay sealed. So I grabbed a giant band aid from the cupboard, put it on, and didn't think about it after that.

When the anesthesiologist took the band aid off before accessing him, I saw that the band aid had actually absorbed most of the cream. Okay...didn't realize that would happen. I hoped there had been enough left to numb him still, but I wasn't sure. When he was poked just a little bit later, it ended up hurting him and he wiggled. He didn't cry, but he gasped, and laid there with wide eyes. It looked like it was in, so the anesthesiologist taped it up, and went to use it. Nothing came out (they have to pull a little blood out before they use it to make sure it's working. It wasn't). He would need to be poked again. But first, the tape had to be pulled off, and the needle taken out. The tape came off quickly, but the needle got stuck, and kind of yanked his entire port with it, which really hurt him and he cried a little. Then he laid there, very quietly.

It wasn't until Latu and I both told him that it was okay to cry if he needed to, that he burst into tears, and cried that it hurt, and he wanted to go home. My poor little guy! It was the saddest thing! When he was poked again, it took a couple tries to get it in the right spot because he kept squirming every time the needle grazed his skin. It wasn't numb at all, and he felt it the whole time, but didn't want to use the cold spray. It was over pretty quickly though, and soon enough, he was sitting up and smiling, ready for his "sleeping milk."

After that, he slept for forever in the recovery room, and then got to go play at his cousin's house. He hasn't said anything about it, yet, but I know he's definitely glad to be done with port accessing for a while. And be sure that next time it needs to be accessed, I'll for sure have the tegaderm handy!

Both Latu and I took a lot of pictures today, so here they are!

One of his radiation therapists that he sees every day, always brings him treats every Monday when his port is accessed. She told him on Friday that she wouldn't be there today, but when we got there, she had left him this sweet note, and some chips for being so brave. Thanks Natalie!!

Some more of the awesome radiation therapists who work with Mason.

Two of the most heart-breaking pictures, ever! (taken by Latu)

While we were waiting, Jinger (radiation therapist) asked if we wanted to get a picture of Mason in his Iron Man mask. It hadn't ever occurred to me to get one, so I was excited to be able to take it. I've never seen it on him while he was asleep, and it was pretty cool the way it fits over his head slides into place on the table.

Me and my Mase!


  1. Hi Pene - I am so grateful for all of you and your great examples of faith, courage and strength. My head matches Mason's now -- no hair. I am depending on make-up, wigs and head coverings to help me look as handsome as Mason is with his big smile, however! Uncle Curt calls me his little "pre-cog"... :) I go in for my 2nd out of 6, round of chemo today (takes 3 hours for them to give me all of the medicines/chemicals). The oncologist is pretty amazed at how well I am doing, since he is giving me the "hardest" regime possible for breast cancer patients. I continue to be so grateful and also continue to look to all of you for my inspiration! Thank you all for being who you are and most of all for being so brave! Love and miss you! Big hugs all around! -Aunty Michelle

  2. Dear Mason (and wonderful family) - I'm so sorry Monday was a tough day with the port. He is honestly one of the toughest little guys I have ever known. I admire his bravery - and it absolutely makes my day to hear his sweet voice say "sleeping milk" :) Thank you for this fabulous blog - it is done so well and it has let me learn so much more about this fantastic boy and his amazing family :) - Love Natalie (see ya' in the morning)

  3. Oh Pene- that picture with the tear running down his face just rips at my heartstrings! What a sweet boy. Glad everything is going well. We still pray for and think of you ALL the time. Loves!

  4. Oh that picture of him crying just made me realize that I had tears running down my face too! I am SO SO SO glad that Spenser and I got to see you this weekend. Love you so so much. =)

  5. what a brave boy! i'm sorry things didn't go very well. darn it!

    his nurses and aides and doctors look fabulous! i'm glad mason has such wonderful people to help him. hooray for no more accesses for a while! i hope its a good break!

  6. Natalie: Thanks for your comment! We have loved getting to see you and the other therapists every day. You have really helped make his treatments easier!

    Chandie: Doesn't it? I didn't look at these until after, but I almost cried just looking at them in the waiting room.

    Angie: I am SO GLAD we got to see you guys, too! Mason is still talking about it!

    Briana: They are so good to him! I'm so glad we got to have them work with us. :)