Friday, January 14, 2011

Five Weeks Down....ONE TO GO!

Wow. Only one more week of radiation!

Every time I have written one of these posts, the end seemed so far away. But today, it almost feels too close! Don't get me wrong...I want Mason to be done. But now I'm kind of afraid for what's next! What in the world will we do with our mornings?

After next week, we will have absolutely nothing for the next four weeks. Four weeks! He even gets a break from chemo in that time. My plans so far, involve sleeping in every single day.

This past week has been filled with excitement, as I watch Mason get poked without even crying, and then go on to have his treatments each morning with nothing but smiles. He's eating more now (not enough, but more than before), and has all the energy I could ever hope for--and then some.

Life is good!

Despite the fact that he will only sleep when the sun is in the sky, things are looking great right now. Even with the news about his vocal cord. I just can't believe how blessed we have been throughout this whole time. It's almost saddening to see his treatments that he loves so much come close to an end. In fact, he loves radiation so much, that I think he may have withdrawals when it ends next week. I have no idea how I can replace all the friendships and love he has received from them. I can't.

We have been so blessed to have such wonderful people treating him. SO blessed! They have made the difference he needed. I can't count the times I have watched my son laugh and giggle, and fall asleep with a smile on his face. I can't count the times they have gone out of their way to make his treatments easier; to make him feel special, and loved. I have trouble, now, deciding which hospital I like more: LDS, or Primary's. They have both been that good to us. I really don't need to decide, though. It's not a competition. But as we come closer to never coming back to LDS hospital, I know I'll miss it, myself. In fact, I may be the one who has the withdrawals.

But I shouldn't sound sad. I am also excited. Life IS good, and those four weeks will be the perfect break we need to make it even better. After that, Mason will have more chemo, and more hospital stays. But until then, we'll be celebrating.

One more week!

Edit: I forgot to mention two things.

1.) Alex, the little boy who had his radiation treatments right before Mason each morning, had his last treatment today! He's such a cute little guy, and you could just tell that he was SO excited to be done! He's about a year younger than Mason, and I said last time I talked about him (can't find the post, or I would link to it), that he had medulloblastoma, but he didn't. He had another type of tumor that was around the same area at the back of his head, but I forgot what it was called. I'm sure Latu will leave a comment soon, telling me what it was, since she seems to be able to remember stuff like that. :)
Congratulations, Alex!!!

2.) Mason got a package in the mail from his Chemo Angel! She will be sending him little gifts and notes to help him through his chemo treatments. In her card, she said that she is a teacher, who teaches children who are deaf, or have hearing problems. She sent Mason a "Sign Language, My First Words" book, and a little Buzz Lightyear book light. How perfect! He loves Buzz Lightyear, loves flashlights, and has been enthralled with sign language! I started teaching him last month, just in case he loses hearing in his other ear. This book is perfect, and has even more words for him to learn! He's chomping at the bit to start learning more. :)


  1. Hooray! I hope those next four weeks drag by slowly! What a gift! Yes, you've both been so blessed. Isn't God wonderful! He's always there for us through thick and thin! I love the Savior! ♥

  2. wow! i can hardly believe you're so close to being done with radiation and coming up to a break. i think i can understand the mixed feelings a bit - you long for the day you'll be done, but are also sad for it a little bit - partly because treatments feel like a safety net against the cancer and partly because there are so many wonderful memories (yes, wonderful) and friendships and it just becomes a part of you and its sad to leave that. i was just thinking those thoughts today. and we still have a while, so i don't know why i was getting all worked up. haha. anyways...


    isn't it wonderful how the kids adapt and really get to love things at treatment? it is so wonderful to have a "safe" place where people understand and the kiddos have fun. i'm so glad mason has adapted quickly and is enjoying some aspects of the yuckiness. :) what a blessing! happy last week of radiation!