Monday, January 3, 2011

Forgetfulness, Luck, and 10 Years Later

I'm posting this much later than I wanted to, but I have two good stories for today:

This morning was the start of another week of treatments for Mason. We got up early, got ready, and got to the hospital early. After checking in, we went down to radiation to find that the little boy who usually goes before Mason hadn't gone in yet (he's usually done, or almost done, by the time we get there).

It was about five minutes later that I realized it was MONDAY, meaning Mason would need to be accessed...and I forgot to put his numbing cream on!! How terrible of me! I knew it took at least 45 minutes to start working, so I hurried and put it on him right there in the waiting room, and hoped, and hoped, and hoped, for some kind of delay so it could  have enough time to numb his skin.

A few minutes later, one the the radiation therapists came in to tell us that there was a problem with the machine, and they had to wait until it could be fixed. Talk about luck!!

By the time they were ready for Mason, it had been just over an hour since I had put his cream on, and there was no pain at all. In fact, Mason barely cried for three seconds, and then stopped as soon as he saw the needle was in. He didn't feel a thing, and he's getting much more used to the idea of being accessed.

For me, it was a swipe-your-brow-take-a-deep-breath moment, because I had come that close to ruining his progress with the port!

My other story is that Mason has a book that he got from PCMC that loves to read. It's called: I am a Superhero, and it was written and illustrated by Daxton Wilde; a little boy who was also had Medulloblastoma, and was the same age as Mason when he was diagnosed (roughly ten years ago). During his time spent at home, he decided to make a book to help other kids who would be going through the same thing.

I could go on and on about this book, because even I love it! Mason has identified with this book, and it has been therapeutic for him, because it is so similar to what he deals with ever day. Daxton talks about being life flighted to PCMC, finding the a pear-sized tumor, his surgery, having chemo, his hair falling out, etc.. All the things that Mason is also going through (except the life-flight), and he talks about them in superhero terms: the "bad guy" in his body is cancer, the superhero is himself, and he is aided by "captain chemo."

The other thing he talks about is how they also kill the bad guy, Cancer, by zapping him with radiation. It goes on to talk about the cool "space chamber," and the Xs they drew on his body. But the most interested part (to me, anyway), is when Daxton talks about his best friends at radiation: Daryn and Joan.

After reading this book, we were all curious about the name Joan, because one of the radiation therapists that treats Mason is named Joan. So today (ten years after he wrote the book!), we asked her and she confirmed that: yes, Daxton was her buddy, and she was happy that we had got to have a copy of Daxton's book. Mason thought that was really cool too, that he got to read about her in the book.

Anyways, I just thought that was interesting. And for the record, she is every bit as sweet and nice as Daxton says she is, in his book. :)

P.S. You can read just a few pages of the book on Google Books. I'm a Superhero.

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  1. that book IS so neat. everytime i read it, i'm so grateful that they wrote it. that book really helped us when elena was first diagnosed - i love the analogy of "captain chemo" and "the bad guys - cancer". i'm glad it's helping mason out, too!