Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Good and The Bad

I just realized that I forgot to post about Mason's amazing progress yesterday! Monday, when Mason's port was accessed, he didn't cry!

He was laying on the table when the anesthesiologist went to poke him, and he looked down at it, watching. I saw the look on his face, where he was deciding if he was going to cry or not. There was literally a decision that I could see processed in his mind, and he chose not to. When he actually felt the pressure from the poke, there was a split-second where he almost cried. But his radiation therapists were gathered around him and said: "Hey Mason, look at me!"
"No! Look at me!"
"Aw, you looked at Natalie! I know who your real girlfriend is, now!"

So then he laughed, and the moment was over, and he started playing around and asking for his sleeping milk.

Which by the way, he loves the stuff because it's white, and it puts him to sleep. He acts like a junkie when we go, now, asking for it over and over. "Is it time for my sleeping milk? Sleeeeping milk. Sleeeeeeping milk!" :)

Anyways, it was a huge step, and I am so proud of him! In fact, I almost cried and I had to walk out to stop the tears. We went to clinic after that at PCMC, and he got a special rainbow striped bead for his courage necklace, for his "special accomplishment."

In other news: Remember me telling you about Joan? She is his radiation therapist who was in Daxton's book that Mason likes to read. Well today was her last day, because she is transferring to another hospital. :(

She said goodbye to Mason this morning, and told him that she loves him. She also told him that from now on, every time he wakes up from radiation, he will have a sticker from her that says: "You have been hugged." Isn't that so sweet?

We love you too, Joan!


  1. oh, that's sad about joan. what a sweet lady.

    but yay mason!! those port accesses where they don't cry are truly magical, aren't they?! i definitely feel like celebrating afterwards. :) o hope they continue to go well. what a brave boy!

  2. Yes, it was definitely magical! I couldn't believe what I was watching, but I was so happy that he didn' cry!