Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Wish, I Wish, With All My Heart, To Go To....

You didn't think I'd let you have it that easy, did you? First, the pictures.

This is what greeted us when we first walked in. Isn't that so sweet?

There's a huge gap in here where I don't have any pictures, because: 
a.) Mason went stark-raving MAD! After the first three minutes of initial shyness, he ran around like he had been trapped in a tower all his life. His cousins were there, so he was super excited to see them and play with them, also. He had a great time not listening to anything the Make-a-Wish host said.
b.) I didn't want to be taking pictures while they were talking.
So here is one I have, where Mason wrote his name on the paper where he would declare his wish. I then wrote his first choice, and his second choice on the other side. They also had everyone present, write down our wishes for him, on little pieces of card stock, to be used later.

Mason was super excited to be able to use his key to unlock the Wishing Room. Can you see the green glowing under the door?

We found out later, that only Wish children have keys to this room, and that Mason can come back whenever he wants, and visit. They also said he can use their party room, and visit the grounds as well. We'll definitely be back. :)

The door opened up to this: The Wishing Room!

When it first opened, the entire room was green; Mason's favorite color! It was SO cool! The floor tiles are glass, and there is a glass waterfall in the center. The kids were beyond listening at this point. All they wanted to do was play with the waterfall, and look at the lights. It was spectacular!


More playing.

We all gathered around, and one by one, read our wishes to Mason. They were really sweet, and we got to bring them all home! It's a good thing, too, because this picture happens to show the only one he actually paid attention to (he loves grandpa!). I could not get this boy to hold still!

After that, they dimmed the lights, and Mason, Moses, and Jenna, got to follow the lighted tiles to find the spot to put his wish. They found the cone that he is holding, upside down, and put the wish in there. Then they followed the lights around again to the giant cone in the middle of the floor, and gave the wish to the "Wishing Wizard."

Once it was in, there was a short light show. They all LOVED it!

After that, I sat and filled out paperwork, while Mason and his cousins got to play. Mason was given a bag with some goodies, and there was also a play area for them. Needless to say, there were completely occupied. They had the best time! And what would make it even better? Root beer floats were brought up for everyone! 

On our way in, we were told a little bit about the Utah chapter of MAW. Did you know that out of 66 MAW chapters in the US, Utah is one of only three other chapters to have a facility like this? The land was all donated, and it was built using the recommendations of actual wish kids. They asked what they wanted, and then built it: a place to have parties (the party room), something magical to occur when making a wish (the wishing tower), and to be able to leave something behind afterward (star-raising ceremonies), are just among a few. 

It was such a neat experience! I am amazed at all that MAW does. They truly make wish-granting special. I can't begin to tell you how awesome they are! Actually, I could, but it would take an entire post...and I'm sure you're aching to get to the good part. 

So I would like to officially tell you that Mason's wish was:

Disney World!!

And, depending on how things work out with the doctor, we may be able to go as soon as the 1st of Feb.! If not, it will be some time in March, or early April. Either way, it'll be SOON!

Here's Mason with his wish granters, and our host. I cannot remember the host's name (sorry! I'm terrible with names), but his wish granters are ( the two guys, L to R) Brian and Rob.

Thank you Brian, Rob, and Make-a-Wish!

P.S. From MAW's website:
"A Wishing Place is not only for our wish children and families, but for everyone in the community to come and experience the magic of wishes. We have created a public wishing feature to invite the public to come “make a wish” with a special wish coin in our pond outside. Children are also welcome to stop in on their birthdays to make a wish there, or anyone facing a benchmark moment in life can drop in to express a heartfelt aspiration. There are also several public displays which show the personality and spirit of a variety of wishes ranging from traveling, to meeting a favorite celebrity, to writing a book. Here, the public can get an emotional feel for past wishes granted and begin to see a small glimpse of how these wishes inspire and motivate children all over Utah."


  1. Thank you so much for posting these. Reading your blog has really helped me with my son Ian, as his journey is just beginning with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. I'm so glad Dani shared it with me. Your son is in our prayers. We just got our call from MAW yesterday and Ian has been going the rounds in his head on what he might wish for. These people are just so sweet to have such an amazing impact on our sweet kids who have to go through so much. I hope you have a marvelous time on your trip! I look forward to the pictures. :)

  2. How exciting! Congratulations Mason on going to Disney World! I hope you and your mom have the best time ever! It's truly one of the 'happiest' places on earth! :o)

  3. What an inspired program. I am so excited for you guys!! Is it just going to be you and Mason going? He will LOVE it! I can't wait to see the wonderful pictures you take, along with the stories you will write about the adventures!

  4. Vicky: You are so welcome! I'm glad I can help a little, although I am sorry to hear about your son's diagnosis. I hope he has the greatest experiences with MAW. They truly make things so special, and I am glad he will get to make a wish. Knowing that Mason gets to make a wish, has made such a difference in his outlook!
    Thanks for reaching out! You and Ian are in our prayers as well.

    Diana: Thank you! I just know Mason is going to LOVE it!

    Melanie: I forgot to post that part! I'll have to mention it in another post. The greatest part is that when Wish kids choose to go to Disney (or maybe it's any trip, I'm not sure), and they don't have any siblings, they get to choose a friend to come with them! So Mason will be having his cousin Moses come with him! :) They are also having a meeting to decide if I can bring Latu. They were talking about it, because there is usually a mom and a dad, and then the children, but they may accept another adult in the dad's place. They'll let us know their decision soon!

  5. That is so exciting for Mason! He deserves something good and happy, just for him!

  6. I am so excited for him and for you Pene!! =) Spenser and I love you both and are so happy that such a wonderful thing is going to someone so deserving :)

  7. Hurray! I am so happy for you and Mason! A wonderful wish come true!

  8. Ok, that is SOOO cool! What a great program. I'm so happy for Mason that he gets to go to Disney World! He's going to LOVE it! I hope that you are doing ok. You're so strong and amazing, I hope you know that! I'm still praying for you, if you need anything please let me know!