Thursday, January 27, 2011

Life with the Tube

Mason has been surprisingly accepting of his feeding tube since it was put in. Actually, now that I think about it, he has been surprisingly accepting of all 10 different tubes that have--at some point--been attached to his body. Yep, 10. Do you remember those three days in the hospital, when he had a total of 9 tubes coming from his body? And lets not even begin to count the amount of wires he had attached. I even have a picture that I like to call Attack of the Cords. That's what made me decide to put the count of his current number of tubes in the right column.

All this time, and Mason has never had a problem with all these things attached to him. He never bothered his EVD (the one that came out of his head), never pulled at his IVs, and he stopped picking at his port after about a week. The only one he ever really cared about (and I can't blame him for it) was the catheter, after his second surgery.

So I shouldn't have been surprised at all, when Mason didn't try to pull his feeding tube out. In fact, he doesn't even complain about it anymore. I'm not sure just yet, but I think he may even like it. And I want him to like it, so I'm currently putting together my case for it.

Reasons Mason Likes *gasp!* His Feeding Tube:
1.) No more yucky medicine. It can all go in the tube!
2.) No more thickened liquids. Drinks can go in the tube, too! No yucky thickening required.
3.) Cool medical equipment. He's a big fan of the medical equipment.
4.) He feels a whole lot better, now that he's getting enough nutrition!
5.) It has an awesome name.

Reasons I LOVE Mason's Feeding Tube:
1.) No more medicine fights! It can all go in the tube!
2.) No more fights about drinking enough water.
3.) Cool medical equipment that allows me to play Nurse.
4.) I feel a whole lot better, now that he's getting enough nutrition!

Mason hates being attached to the feeding pump, but he does it because of all of the above. He has a cute little IV pole that he can push around the house, and a backpack that it can all go in when he wants to walk around. It's really very cute. And he is very careful of his tube that hangs down, and he is not afraid to yell a warning if you're about to accidentally pull on the end. Not that I, um, actually did that.... 

The feeding tube has definitely been a good thing, although I was worried it would just cause more problems. It hasn't.The best part is that his face has already started to fill out just a little! I'm very glad I chose to have him get it. These benefits really are worth the struggle it took to get it in.

Mason and his tube, decked out in MAW gear, which he refuses to take off.

His backpack, which holds his feeding gear, and allows him to run around crazily at-will.

Nutrition-in-a-bag. Yum!

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