Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Pirate's Life For Me, NO! ..Er, HO!

Two days left until Mason goes to make his wish! He is excited as all get-out. I am, too. I'm especially excited to see what he'll wish for. Almost every time I have asked him what he'll wish for, it has been Disney World. There have been a few times when he mentioned something about trains, but not many. And ever since he found out about a train named Lilly belle, who runs at Disney World, it pretty much sealed the deal for him. Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, AND trains? There can't be anything better!

Apparently, there can.

Since we first found out he would get to make a wish, anytime he has seen something he likes, or sees a place on TV that he wants to go to, I have told him: "You can wish for that, you know". I'm not trying to change his mind, but I just want to make sure that he knows that he can wish for anything...and that he wishes for what he wants the most out of it all. So far, nothing has replaced his desire to go to the big DW.

Today, we were watching TV and a commercial came on for a Disney cruise-line.  I was only half-paying attention, but Mason was enthralled. When it was done, he said: "Mommy, I want to go on that!" My typical response almost made it out of my mouth; it was there in my mind: you can wish for that, you know. But I hesitated. I hate cruises. Not that I've ever actually been on one, but there are so many things I already hate about them: cramped spaces, constant rocking, possible food poisoning, the drowning factor, me on foreign soil...alone with my child. Can you just imagine the possibilities lurking in the mind of an over-analyzing, over-cautious, ocean-phobic, scared-to-death-of-sharks, mother? So I hesitated. But it didn't matter. My little bro happily took the time out of his day to say: "Mason, you could wish for that!" Thanks, Darl.

I retreated to my room, where I sat and thought, telling myself over and over that this was absolutely NOT about me. If mason wanted to go on a cruise, then a cruise it would be. I waited for an hour, then asked Mason what he would wish for. His answer? "A Disney cruise!" So I accepted defeat, and began looking online to see what would happen on a Disney cruise. It actually didn't look that bad. And later, when Mason told us he couldn't decide which he wanted to do (the World, or the cruise), Latu and I decided to let him know all that he would be able to do on a cruise by showing him pictures online (we've already gone through this with Disney world, and anything else he thought about). He loved it, especially the part about the dolphins. He loves dolphins.

But he still hasn't completely made up his mind. He's trying to decide which one he wants more.

And so this is how, on the eve, of the eve, of his wishing day, the pressure is on, the internal debate raging, and the answer to the big question is completely unknown. What will he wish for? I have NO idea. I guess that just made waiting in anticipation more fun and interesting, didn't it? :)


  1. Does he know that there are no trains on the Disney Cruise? :)

  2. Oh, Pam, I am SO tempted to use that to my benefit! :) Maybe I'll break it to him tonight, and we can go back to happily dreaming about rides and long lines. ;)

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  4. haha, but no long lines for you guys (if you go to DW) because of the awesome passes you get since Mason is a wish kid! it seriously rocks! :)

    i've heard that disney cruises are pretty dang fun, but i can understand your fear about cramped spaces and wide open water, etc. but, i would think that if you are going to go on a cruise, a disney cruise would be the most safe, good quality, etc. because of how crazy disney is about protecting their image. they are safety, cleanliness freaks (in a mostly good way). so probably at least no food poisoning to worry about - haha. :)

    can't wait to hear all about it! we are so excited for you guys - ah! make a wish is just the coolest - have so much fun at his wish declaration!!

  5. Briana: That's right! I forgot that you had said something about that! I guess that's one less thing to worry about! :)

    You're right about the cruise; if I were to go on one, I think a Disney one would be the safest bet...I least I hope. Lol.

  6. I'm a Florida girl so I've heard lots about lots of cruises (though I've never been on one). I even have a friend that works on one. I've heard amazing things about Disney cruises. They're mad professional, all about safety, and offer security and fun to parents and their children. Of all the cruises out there, it's by far the safest. Good luck my brave friend ;)

  7. Very good to know, Juju! For some reason I have this fear of cruise ships, although I have no experiences with them. But if I were to go on a cruise, I think you're right about Disney cruises; they would be the one I chose to go on!