Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Pox on You

Mason's ANC is back down to 300! They sent him home without anything for it, since it is something that his body just has to work out. I am sick yet again and went to the doctor to do something about it, but until the medicine they gave me clears it all up, I am banished to my little corner of the house. Away from Mason. :(

To make things worse, Latu and my dad (who took him in today) found out that Mason had been exposed to the chicken pox while in the Oncology/Hematology waiting room at Primary Children's. They said that someone had brought their child in, who had Chicken Pox, and everyone waiting at the time had been exposed. This would be the same waiting room that has signs plastered all over that you absolutely cannot come in if you have any symptoms of illness, and that siblings aren't allowed during this flu season, to keep infections down; the same waiting room that dozens of immunosuppressed children sit and play in.

As angry as I am (and despite my post title--I'm only joking), I guess it's no better than coming home to a sick mother, if I'm being honest. If anything, it will probably be me who gets him sick (I hope not!). I just really hope he doesn't get the chicken pox, because I have no idea what would happen then.

We're supposed watch really closely for a fever and rash for the next two weeks.

Mason did have lots of fun at clinic though. This officer sat and played trains with him, and he was so happy when they were telling me about it. He also got a police shield tattoo on his arm, which he proudly showed off when he came home.


  1. I like your photographic manner, means a minimalist mood. Congratulations

  2. holy cow, that is scary about the chicken pox!!!! gees! i'm glad you guys scraped by with no pox. sheesh.

  3. I know, I was so scared he would get it too! But luckily, I haven't seen any rash, and he hasn't had a fever. Phew!