Monday, February 21, 2011

Chemo Inpatient Day 1

First of all, please look to the right-hand column, and notice that Mason's ANC is up to 1,200! Much better than the 300-600 range he's been floating in this past month!

In case you missed Latu's post earlier today, you can read it here. She is at the hospital with Mason, since I can't be there. And can I just say what a blessing it is that she is not only able, but willing (very willing) to stay with him? Because it is, and I am so grateful.

I think she actually enjoys all this hospital stuff, though, since she is always begging to take Mason to his appointments. She's definitely cut out for it; she's been calling me regularly with updates on everything from Mason's temperaments, to the seven medicines he is getting, and how often. She's also been sending me cute videos of Mason.

From what I hear, he really is having a good time. I wasn't sure how he would react to being stuck in a hospital bed again, but he is handling it surprisingly well. In fact, I hear he's been making new friends with the nurses, and even showing off for anyone who walks in the room. ♥

So far, everything is going fine with his chemo and nausea meds. They can all do some pretty nasty stuff to his body and/or emotions, so he has to be watched closely. The last I heard, he had just fallen asleep, and was acting long as Latu kept her hands firmly in his tight grip. :)

Anyway, I thought I would share some of the videos of Mason, and then I'll update again tomorrow. I also have Mason's before and after MRI scans in my hands this very minute, so expect a post about those sometime this week. :o) 

Here he is in the ignoring phase, singing happily along to Thomas the Tank Engine:

And now, in the semi-compliant phase, with the hugest lips ever:

And finally, in the happy phase, complete with a promise to call!


  1. i loved all those "phases" - it is SO true! i'm glad to head that elena isn't the only one. i really hope things go well for you guys in the hospital!

  2. Cute videos! I'm happy to hear things are going well right now. Yay for Latu! Aunties are the best! Get feeling better Pene!

  3. Cutest.Kid.Ever!!! - Love Natalie (I can't wait to see him - I've had it marked on our calendar ever since I found out the appointment date :)