Monday, February 21, 2011

a guest blogger of sorts...

well, this is latu. i am sister of penelope, and auntie of the illustrious masey. i get the honor of posting tonight because i get the honor of staying the night with masey at the hospital. penelope's sick, and could not have the sickness of a cancer kid on her conscience because she came to the ics unit (imuno-compromised services).

masey is here to start his first round of maintenance chemo!!  it sounds so great to say it. the results from his mri on saturday are back, and he is clean!  the tumor is gone! so, to celebrate that great news, mason gets to be pumped full of toxins today, that will hopefully keep the tumor away forever :)

later tonight, penelope should be posting some videos we took of mason while here. it's some pretty entertaining stuff. for now, though, we will make due with a list of masey's 4 highlights so far (4 because he's 4, of course!)
  1. peeing in a cup (i am not sure if there is a nicer way to say it, but it's definitely #1 on masey's list)
  2. nurses to show off for (he's really missed the attention since radiation finished)
  3. thomas movies, 24/7 (no one is going to argue with him about what he watches here!)
  4. train sets (someone else's toys are always better than your own!)
as you can see, masey's pretty content and the chemo hasn't hit him too badly yet. we're only 2 hours of 6 into the infusion, though. maybe you'll get a post later tonight that is singing another tune. for now, though, he is a happy boy!


  1. I am so happy to hear this! (well read it!) That is such good news. Mason really is a little fighter, keep it up!!

  2. So happy to read this!!! :) So proud of him. Love you all!!

  3. HOORAY!!! We are SO happy to hear that the tumor is gone! What wonderful news!! Keep fighting a good fight, Mason - you are so strong!

    Hope all goes well in the hospital. Penelope, I'm sad for you that you can't be there - I've been there and it totally stinks just sitting at home! But I am glad you have such a great sister to help you. Latu, you are awesome! :)