Saturday, February 19, 2011


Mason's MRI went great today! We haven't heard the official results yet (it's a weekend, so his doctors weren't there to discuss them), but we were told that there wasn't anything that caused attention, or needed a more thorough look. Phew!

Mason was a little nervous about having his port accessed after so long, but it didn't hurt at all and he didn't even notice he had already been poked until he looked down and saw that it was done.

His anesthesiologist today was my brother's friend's wife, Adrian, who we have known for years, so I felt really good about leaving him in her hands. It's funny, because the last MRI Mason had at Primary Children's was luckily done with Adrian as the anesthesiologist, too. Without even trying! And we found out that she also  rotates between Primary's, and the Riverton extension of Primary's (is that what it's called?), so she could have been his anesthesiologist for his very first MRI (the one where the tumor was found), if she had been working that day. Just some random coolness for ya. :)

And now I'll leave you with a video of the little guy. This is him just waking up. He wouldn't answer anyone when we tried to wake him up, but I put that popsicle to his lips, and he was instantly awake and licking it. Sadly, I missed that part, but here's what I got:


  1. Pene, he is just so adorable! You're such a good mom!

  2. hehe, i love the loopy way he's licking all over that popsicle, trying to wake up. :)

    glad to hear that preliminary results are looking good! we've been praying all week for a clean scan. keep us updated!

  3. oh, and i was also going to say that i think mason's cheeks look a little fuller - looks like the feeds are helping!