Thursday, February 24, 2011

Radiation Checkup

Mason had the much anticipated radiation checkup today! He was super excited to go, and from what I hear (I still couldn't go) he basically ran to Natalie, gave her a hug, and was absolutely thrilled to see her again. He played with her a lot. :) He didn't care for the rest of it, and I guess he kept trying to sneak out of the examination room to find Natalie again. It makes me so happy that he sees radiation as such a good place. It's definitely a place that he looks forward to visiting.

The word from the doctor is that everything looks wonderful! The only thing he recommended was some glycerin drops for his ears, since they are peeling pretty badly from the radiation. In fact, his whole head and face has been peeling, but most of what is left is his ears. Aside from that, Mason got a clean pass.

He did have to go back to the clinic at Primary's today, because he's been throwing up lately, and threw up his feeding tube in the car on the way to radiation this morning. Luckily, he and Latu weren't very far away so they just turned around and brought him back for a quick shower before heading up again. At clinic, He got another tube put in (this time on the same side as before). Latu said he was very brave for it, and didn't have a hard time with it. It's getting easier for him every time.

After that, they came home and Mason got to show me the present Natalie gave him. It's an interactive bear that talks when it hears you read certain parts of the story. It's very cool (I've never seen one like it), and Mason adores it. I'm on at least my fourth time reading it to him, and that's not counting the times he's had other people read it to him. THANK YOU Natalie!!

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  1. Oh, I'm so glad the book was a hit! I was so excited to see Mason today - he just made my whole day (my whole week, in fact). There's nothing better than that sweet smile and voice. We all missed seeing you there today, but I'm glad I got to see and give a hug to Latu (I told Mason to give you a hug for me). You all are just fabulous. If you guys are ever just in the neighborhood, don't hesitate to come say hi to all of us again. We love y'all :) Enjoy the book (and PS - Hallmark has two more books that will interact with the bear - just in case you get tired of the same book :)
    Love - Natalie