Tuesday, February 22, 2011

update and procrastination

ok, this is latu again. right now, i'm supposed to be writing 5 pages on a saxophone lecture. it's due tomorrow morning at 8, but i can't force myself to do it. so, i figure i'll update you all on mason.

first and most exciting: he's home!! he did really well with the chemo (cysplatin and ccnu) he did not throw up once, and just got a bit tired. from what i understand from the doctors, it is not unusual for him to handle the first couple courses well until it catches up with his body.

he has no more treatments until april! (thanks to the possibility that the vincristine is causing his vocal chord paralysis. they're going to skip it in this course and the next. good, because it will mean he feels even better for the big DW. bad because if it is not causing the paralysis, they'll add some more chemo to the end of his treatment protocol) just lots of blood tests to check his counts until then

before we left the hospital today, he had another barium swallow study. the official results are all in medical speak. in normal language, his swallowing is improving, but it is still unsafe for him to swallow thin liquids.

he is sporting a new feeding tube on the left side


  1. so glad he's home!! and that you get a little break.

    good luck with the paper. :) i do not envy you. ;)

  2. THANK YOU for posting, Latu! And for taking all that needed to be said and putting it in nice, short sentences. I have no idea how you do it; even this comment of mine is long! :)

    Briana: Me too! I've missed him. :)