Sunday, March 6, 2011

As Promised: Mason's MRI Photos!

Okay, I realize I'm cutting this short, and I apologize. I really meant to do this earlier, but every time I thought about it, I forgot about it moments later...until two hours ago when I remembered and frantically ran to the computer to get these done. The first time I went back through them after I got the CD, I cried. I had forgotten how big it looked, and how dreadful it all seemed when I saw the pictures for the first time. I'm pretty much past that now, but it's still not easy to look at them and realize that I'm looking at something that had grown in my son's brain!

Anyway, these didn't turn out as well as I wanted them to, but they work.I decided to make them into videos instead of posting 50+ pictures (because that's at least how many it would have been...there were hundreds to sort through). I ended up downloading a free desktop presentation software that let me take videos as I scrolled through the photos, so that's why there is an annoying watermark in just the right place to make watching them frustrating. But if look closely, you can see everything and get an idea of what Mason's tumor looked like. I may go back later and try to get better (watermark-free) videos. If I do, I'll post those, too.

And when you watch the videos, I promise it is 10x easier to see the tumor if you watch in full screen mode.

EDIT 10.3.12: These videos suck! The watermarks are SO annoying. I created a GIF of the tumor (only from one angle), that you can see here.

View #1: Top of Mase's Head

View #2: Front of Face to Back of Mase's Head

View #3: Side to Side of Mase's Head

Edited to add this picture: 

The green area is the tumor. The red area is (I believe) one of the two cavities of swelling that were caused in his brain because of the tumor. When his EVD was put in his head, this is where the fluid was being drained from. I'll find a photo from the top and post it here so you can see what it looked like. 

Also, don't quote me on that, because I could just be making it up and believing it to be true. But I'm fairly certain that some doctor along the way pointed that out to me, and the word: "swelling" came out of his mouth. If not, I'm really delusional. ;)

Here is a video from the top of Mason's head, of the two cavities I was talking about where {I think}the swelling was:


  1. these are so interesting - thanks for sharing. i have wondered what a tumor looks like. crazy and scary - i'm glad these are the old MRI pics and that the new ones are looking beautiful and clear!

  2. Those are so awesome - not like awesome like cool what it all means but really awe-some. That little boy is a fighter and the proof is right there!