Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mason's Send-Off Par-tay!

Well, Mason's Send-Off Party happened yesterday  and I must say that it was quite fabulous. MAW did such a wonderful job decorating, putting together a show and a tour, and even provided the pizza and cake. So many of you showed up, and it was great to see everyone. Mason, who admittedly has been just a little deprived of attention since he has had to stay indoors most of the time, was free to do as he pleased...and he went crazy to prove it. I don't blame him for it, though; he had been looking forward to this party for weeks, ever since we told him he would be having one. Then he got beyond excited when I rattled off the list of people who would be there.

So how did it all go? See for yourself:

First of all, I think if needs to be known that Latu and my brother Sila made Mason a brain cake. It turned out really well, too. :)

The decorations were great! They even had the scrapbook ready to be signed by everyone who came. It stays at MAW, and you can go back and look through it and see the wishes of all of the children who had wishes granted.

Mason's Wish Granters (L to R: Brian Jackmand and Rob Neumann) gave him a cute little backpack with some toys for the trip in it. He was so cute, and kept bringing everything they gave him back to me one by one to hold. 

Mason was given a glass star that he got to decorate and put his name on.

It went up here with the stars of past wish kids. It's a way to "leave a piece of himself" behind. :)

The star raising ceremony, where he got to pull his star up with the others.

  His is the blue star the arrow is pointing to. ;)

Next a tour was given, and everyone was taken up to see the wishing tower.

Mason loves this part.

I think it's safe to say this was the most popular part of the night. The kids were adorable! They loved the changing lights, and especially the waterfall!

Lots of the kids came out with wet shirts, arms, hair, etc. Mason was no exception.

After that, we went back to have cake! Mason still refuses to eat, and wouldn't have any of the pizza or cake that night. He did eventually sit down and have a cup of soda.

Rob, Mason, me, and Brian.

Rob, Mason, and Brian.

This is the part of the night when I realized that I had gotten absolutely NO pictures of Mason with anyone who had come! Luckily, these four were still here playing with Mason out in the hall, so I was able to get a picture of them with Mason (one group out of the many...I wish I had gotten everyone!!). Thanks guys!
Left to right from the top: Levi, Dara, Spencer, Mason, and Angie!

Thanks for coming everyone! You made it so special for Mason and I. And for those of you who weren't able to make it, now you can say you were there! :) We are so lucky to have all of your love and support. You sent us off in the best way! 


  1. Pene - Spenser and I were so glad we got to come to Mason's party. It was such a special night and are so grateful we were able to celebrate with you guys. Have a BLAST in Disneyworld and ride Lily-belle a few times for me :) Love you tons!

  2. oh that was such a fun night!! I am so glad we are living close & could come!! Have the time of your life in Disneyworld!!

  3. what a great night! i wish we could have been there. mason looks like he had so much fun! so excited for your trip! :)