Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

I was just thinking about this, and it dawned on me that I haven't posted about it. Let me post it now:

Mason is a rockstar.

No, really, he is.

Have I mentioned how well he is doing at his checkups? He does everything the doctors ask him to, and if he doesn't want to do something, he negotiates. Yep, he asks for something in return for doing something he doesn't want to. Usually, it's just that they will bring him the train set he plays with every time. Other times, it's something else, like a sticker or extra time at the craft table (that's the one he uses on me). This could be viewed as him being a bratty kid, but with what he has to go through every week, I say he's a genius for turning the table.

He has had to have his feeding tube put in three different times since that terrible first time, but hasn't batted an eye at it. When it starts to come out at home (did you know it does that? It's a little weird getting used to), I can now push it back in without any protests from him.

He has been accessed every week in the past month, after being away from treatments for a month, and each time he laid still and waited even though he was nervous for one of two of them.

He has learned how to attach the bags and tubes for his feedings, just by watching me. Now he wants to do each and every step...we argue about it every night. :)

He is making presents for Mickey and Minney as I type, and plans to give them to them in Disney World.

I write this blog to keep the memories of what Mason is going through, and somehow these things had escaped attention. I just felt they needed to be said and remembered. Mason is a rockstar!

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  1. i agree! mason is a strong, brave kid! i think all the little ones who have to go through all this junk are blessed with a little extra spunk to help get them through. :) reading about mason bargaining made me smile.