Monday, April 4, 2011

Another Non-Appointment

Remember Mason's sedated hearing test he was scheduled for this morning? The one that we had to leave early in the morning for? The one where I was told in no uncertain (or nice) terms that if we were even a little bit late for, would be cancelled? The one that because they required us to arrive 45 minutes early, we had to leave an hour earlier to arrive 15 minutes before Oncology opened, just so Mason could get his blood drawn and be on his way down to the RTU in time to NOT BE LATE?

Well, we got a call (which I didn't catch) a half-hour before our scheduled "do not arrive after" time, meaning we were were already at the hospital, on our way up to Oncology for the first stop of the day.

What was the call for?

It was to reschedule the appointment because they didn't have enough staff to run the test. Do you find that as ironic as I do? After all the effort was taken to make sure we would be there ON time....

Sigh. We live an hour and a half away from Primary's.

This is the second time we have come up for this same appointment, only to find out the test wouldn't be done.

And yes, I'm still angry.

The appointment has been moved to tomorrow morning, meaning Mason will not get all of his feeds in today because there wasn't enough time left by the time we got home, to run all five bottles before the cut-off time tonight.

I understand that someone was sick, I really do. But I wish I had gotten an earlier phone call or that it had been cancelled last night...or that the employee had been miraculously healed and had made it to work just in time to let us keep our appointment. ;)

I understand. I still reserve the right to vent.

Anyways, we will be back up there on Friday, too. Mason will have his next round of chemo then, if his counts can get up just a little more. Today his ANC was up to 800, so there shouldn't be any problems. Yay!

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  1. grrrr... seriously! there are some things about the medical world that make me crazy - like how you can't be late, but then they can make you sit there forever before you get seen, or like how they can just say, "oh, didn't someone call you? we can't see you today" after you are already freaking there! makes my blood boil. sorry for the long drive and dumb day!