Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mason's Wish Trip Report Day 3, Part 1: Animal Kingdom

Here we are, on day three! There are so many pictures for this day, that I am splitting it up into two parts. Part 1:

The boys, all dressed in their Animal Kingdom outfits.

This is exactly why I love Mason as a baldie...he's so cute! I'm kind of sad his hair is growing back. :( Kind of.

We stopped at the Ice Cream Palace for our morning breakfast/ice cream/tickling adventure, and then headed out.

Here we are! Animal Kingdom!!

When we got in, we headed straight for Africa. On our way, we saw Lilo and Stitch! There were only about two families in line (everyone else was heading for Africa, too), so we just waited in line and had them sign the boys' books. They were really fun and cute, and Stitch even tried to steal Moses' pen, which made us all laugh.

Next, it was straight to the Kilamanjaro Safari ride. This was probably my favorite ride of the entire trip. It was awesome getting to see all the animals, and our tour guide was fantastic. We got off with plans to ride it again later in the day (because "no two safaris are the same," they each go on different routes), but ended up not doing it again.

Because we rode early in the morning, we got to see almost all of these animals. It was awesome!

When we drove past this lion, he was out roaring. I wasn't fast enough to get a video of it, but it was pretty cool. I've never heard a lion actually roar before. The boys loved it, too.

We got off the Safari tour, and got stuck on this endless nature trail, which was not where we wanted to be. It was a trail that only went one way though, so we had to follow it until we got out. We wasted a lot of time in the part, which was basically a glorified zoo. The boys were upset because they just wanted to ride the rides! Lol. This is what that entire hour or so looked like: Mason plugging his nose from the smell, Moses smiling for the camera and nothing else, and Vili being upbeat about it all, pushing us through so we could go do the next thing. 

This gorilla was just sitting and staring at the crowd when we walked by. Little did we know that there was a baby gorilla behind us on the other side, the entire time. No one noticed it until it was leaving.

The scenery of the entire Animal Kingdom was gorgeous!

We finally got off the trail and made our way to the train, so we could ride it for Mason. This was in the train station after we got off at the first stop.

The train took us to the Rafiki's Planet Watch section of Animal Kingdom, where we met Rafiki himself! I'm not sure Mason even knew who he was, but Moses sure did!

Outside, they had a petting zoo, where the boys got to brush the goats and lambs. They thought it was the coolest thing on Earth! They followed them around, petting and brushing, and tip-toeing around all the poop!

After this, we went back to Africa on the train. We had reservations at the Rainforest Cafe, so we headed down there to eat lunch. It was around noon, and was SO hot outside! Mason was asleep by this time, so we had to wake him up, which he wasn't happy about. He ended up eating nothing, but drinking a lot of lemonade. It was so nice to be able to go into the cool restaurant and eat lunch at the hottest part of the day! Good planning on my part, if I do say so myself. :)

Love this pic! ♥  

As we were walking over a bridge, we saw Tigger and Pooh down in a pavilion by the river. If you remember, Tigger and Pooh were near the top of Mason's list of characters he was excited to meet at Disney. We had no idea how to get down there, so we frantically asked the first three people we saw, if they knew how to get down there. We made it just in time because they were about to finish up!

After meeting them, we went on a wet ride (wow, I already forgot the name). I don't have pictures because, well, there was lots of water. It was the favorite of the day, and Mason and Moses loved it so much, Vili took them on it a second time. We were all SOAKED, which was really nice after being out in the hot sun.

We spent another hour or so stuck in yet another glorified zoo section. It was gorgeous, but everyone was tired and almost ready to go home. Moses was upset, because he had wanted to go on more rides than we did, but we kept getting stuck in places like these! Gotta love the scenery, though!

By the time we made it out, both Mason and Mo were asleep. We decided to go on one more ride before we left: Expedition Everest. I sat out with a sleeping Mason, while Latu and Vili took Moses on the ride. He totally loved it, but it made him a little sick.

The next post will be up later today! Day 3, Part 2: Christmas at GKTW!!

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  1. haha, we felt the exact same way about that little nature trail after the safari - a glorified zoo. we turned around after a few minutes. i mean, i'm sure it's awesome, but hello - you're in disneyworld! :)

    you got some really neat pictures of the animals - especially the lion and that ape (?). how cool to hear a lion roar!!

    i love rainforest cafe - good choice! :)