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Mason's Wish Trip Report Day 2: Magic Kingdom (+ Lots of Other Stuff)

Yay! I'm finally on to day two of our trip. This post may get kind of long, because we did a lot this day. Fair warning. :)

It started off with some horse riding, which was scheduled for 8:00 am that morning at GKTW. Our plan was to head to breakfast at 7:50, then come back and ride the horses, but when we walked past Keaton's Korall, they were setting up and we decided (with some excited pleas from the boys) that we would wait and be the first in line.

Moses got to ride this horse, which I totally forgot the name of. He was so excited to get on, that he practially jumped on her while the woman who was supposed to help him get on had turned to get him a helmet. :) Needless to say, he LOVED it, and talked the rest of the day about how he was a "real cowboy now." 

Mason was a little scared to ride, but decided he would try it if he could ride "that horse;" which turned out to be Ginger. He was scared when he first got on, but they were so sweet with him. They had him pet Ginger, and the moment he did, he was completely fine. He LOVED it. In fact, he and Moses tried to run in front of the next person in line, and go again.

They were given hats and certificates that say they are now part of Clayton's (as in Mayor Clayton of GKTW) Saddle Club! :)

When we were done, we went to the Ice Cream Palace for breakfast. They serve continental breakfast there, which Latu and I had. Mason and Mo chose ice cream; something that would happen every other morning, as well, and multiple times throughout the day. It was a big hit. They also rode this rocking horse, and the fact that they had cowboy hats on made it that much cooler.

Finally, we headed out to Magic Kingdom!! 
I must say that I was quite impressed/in awe/flabbergasted/perplexed with the transportation system Disney has worked out for Magic Kingdom. In a way, it is very smart; once you get through these parking booths, you follow traffic directors, who direct you to your parking space. There is no looking for parking, and everyone just pulls into row after row of parking. You get out of your car, wait for the tram, which takes you to another station where you can choose to take the monorail, or a steam boat to your final destination, which is the front gates of Magic Kingdom. 
Kind of genius, if you think about it, and very efficient.
On the other hand, I find it hilarious that you have there is transportation to take you to the *real* transportation....

Knowing Mason, it's no surprise that the first thing we did when we got inside, was ride Lilly bell. Well, actually we rode Roy O. Disney, because he was the only train running that day. We asked about Lilly bell, and found out that she was in Virginia, being repaired. Mason would have died f he had known this, so we pretended we were riding Lilly bell. He was so excited!

Character meetings! Mason and Mo loved these! Pluto was the first one they met, and Mason thought it was SO cool!

This is who they got to meet! BTW, when they told us about the front of the line access during Mason's send-off party, I wasn't sure what they meant. But they really meant front of the line! We were nervous to ask about it, so we just got in line to see Pluto. A few minutes later, we saw another wish family walk to the beginning of the line and show their pass; we followed suit, and found out that we just had to do that for every line and ride! It was way cool, and definitely nice for Mason not to have to wait in line all day.

My favorite picture! So we actually met Daisy a few times on our trip, but every time we did, she was so cute and nice! The autograph books that Mason and Mo have were made by my uncle's friend for this trip. It was so sweet of her! :) She even made some for Moses' sister and brother who weren't able to come, but we got autographs for his sister anyway.

They were so excited to be there! They were ready to ride and have fun.

This is the first ride we went on. I'm sure you can guess which movie it's from. 

I'm posting this picture because this was the turning point of the day. It was about 1:00, we had been walking around in the hot, HOT sun, mason sleeping (and he may have even had sun-stroke), and we were tired, hungry, and sweaty. We sat and listened to this band play their song, and then decided that we were going to head back to the villa. Moses didn't want to go, but after promising that we would come back, he let himself fall asleep.

We slept for what seemed like ten hours, but was probably only three. When we got up, the boys wanted to explore GKTW, so we started by going swimming again. :)

Next, they went for the first of many rides on the carousel. It was a favorite, and once they realized they could ride it more than once, they rode it at least five or six times in a row, two or three times a day. The operators were always so nice to let them get off, pick another animal, and ride; wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm posting this, because it was really pretty at night. :)

That night, we had reservations at Chef Mickey's, which was an awesome buffet. It is in the open court of Disney's Contemporary Resort, and the monorail rides by on its way to the parking lot. They boys loved that they got to meet each character! I almost didn't have them do this, but I'm so glad I did. They got to meet all the main characters, and had fun with them. This was also the only time of the entire trip that we saw Mickey, Daisy Minnie, or Donald.

Mason was so shy to meet Mickey! When he first came, he was hesitant to touch him, but practically toppled him when he realized he could give him a hug. He was so sweet with Mason, and spent just a little extra time with him. :)

Moses was excited, too! Mickey is his favorite character, and he missed him when he came around the first time. When he came back around, he was bursting at the seams for him to come to our table.

When Daisy came around, she gave Moses a hug first, and was posing for a picture with him. Mason had been waiting for her to come the entire meal. He waited patiently, and then couldn't take it any more. He ran at her from the side and gave her the biggest hug! It was so sweet! Here they are, with both boys being very shy. ;)

We left straight from Chef Mickey's, to the airport, where my brother's flight had come in. He flew in to spend a few days with us. Him and the Moses went to the House of Hearts at GKTW and borrowed Harry Potter so they could get adequately excited for Harry Potter World. Little did we know that Moses would become so interested in Harry Potter, that he would watch it every night of the trip, and go home wanting to be a wizard when he grew up.

That's it for day 2! Next up is day 3: Animal Kingdom!
*P.S. some of these pictures are from Photopass, and a couple of the horse riding photos are from GKTW.

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  1. I love reading about your trip! A lot of wish kids go to Disneyworld, but it is a whole different adventure for each of them and it's fun to see how the MAW magic turns out for each! There are so many cute pictures of Mason and Moses just beaming in the Magic Kingdom - i love it! Can't wait to read more!