Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mason's Wish Trip Report Day 3, Part 2: Christmas at GKTW!

Part 2:

When we got back from Animal Kingdom, we were wiped out! Vili and I fell asleep, and the boys--who had already slept in the car ride home--we wide awake. Latu took them swimming while we slept. When they got back, we all (minus Vili, who got sun poison and did not feel good at all) went to play around the village. 

Our first stop was the Castle of Miracles, where the boys got some cute pillows, and Mason got to make his star.

Every wish child who comes to GKTW gets to make a star and have it hung on the ceiling, where it will stay forever. They have so many stars already, that they are starting to fill the walls now. They are currently building another tower, so that they can keep filling the ceilings in the future. 

This is the star Mason made. The process is so cute! He writes his name on it and puts it in a treasure chest. when he closes the lid, a little video comes on that shows the "star fairy," who dives into the box (at this point, the box rattles) and gets his star, then takes it into the sky to be hung.

When we went back a few days later, we got to see his star up on the wall!

We were waiting until Christmas later that day, and we still had time to kill, so we decided to check out the Amberville Train Station.

Mason's eyes went wide when we stepped into the building and saw this! It was a miniature train world, and there were buttons that started each train/section of the world. There were display cases with vintage trains models, and a train that ran around the walls of the room. He played for the longest time before even checking out the game room.

In the game room, there were these cool boats out in the pond outside that were controlled by these ship wheels inside. You could race,  or just drive the boat around. Both Latu and I even played with them, because they were just that cool. :)

At some point, we were asked if we wanted to ride the train. Our answer was of course a resounding YES!

Mason and Mo got to sit in the conductor's seats, and pushed buttons and played for the whole ride. The train took us around the mini-golfing course (which we didn't have time to use), a big pond, through a tunnel, and back to the train station.

When we got back, it was finally time to see Santa! We were the first in line, and got to see Santa come out and get some water. He was very nice, and after some pictures, he sent the boys out to go pick a present.

There was a lot to choose from, and good thing we were first, because the boys took a long time deciding. :) The volunteers were very nice with them, giving them suggestions, and explaining what some of the toys were.

They finally decided on a Playdough set, and a Transformers car.

After that, we went back to the front of the building, where there were crafts, cookie decorating, and even volunteers who were reading Christmas stories.

The cookies were delicious, by the way. I know, because Mason didn't want his. :)

It was all topped off with sno-cones and cotton candy!

The boys were having so much fun!!

After finishing up with Christmas time, they went for a few more rides on the carousel (they had already ridden it after they went swimming), and then it was time to go back to the villa.

That night, they played with their presents, ate dinner, watched Harry Potter (again), and fell asleep very quickly.

Next up is Day 4: HARRY POTTER!!

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  1. no way! those boats are the coolest - i never saw them there. how awesome!!

    i LOVE that picture of Mason and Moses right after the cotton candy/snow cone picture - they are so sweet. they look like the best of friends!

    i think the star room is so neat - kind of like all the stars at make a wish - a little overwhelming and so inspiring.