Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This May Not be For those With Weak Stomachs

Sad story: The first time Mason's tube ever came out of his mouth was about two weeks ago, while he was throwing up. Usually, it just starts to come out of his nose and I can push it back in without a problem. This time though, it stayed in his nose and the very end flew out of his mouth. Seriously, it was fast, and it looked like something from an alien movie, where something comes out of the person's mouth and everyone screams.  Well, in between bouts of throwing up, he was panicking and crying: "Why am I chewing my tube?" and "It's in my mouth!" He just couldn't understand what it was doing in his mouth. Poor boy. I had to pull it out and put it back in after that, and it was not fun.

Well, we just got finished getting Mason's feeding tube back in again. It has come out like three or four times this week alone, and Latu has become quite the professional at putting it back in. After that one time it came out of his mouth, it has done it again and again. It is in now, though, and looking great. I also think it's in a better position now than it was in last time. I hope it stays!

Aside from that, Mason is feeling a lot better today. He's still a little nauseas, but feels well enough to dance whenever music comes on...meaning he also feels well enough to run around and play again. I don't think anything could keep this boy confined to a bed for very long. :)

I'm still planning to post about our trip (I know, I'm taking forever). Once I post, that means the trip has really ended, and that makes us all very sad. We did get our Photopass pictures back though, which I'm really excited for!

Until then, enjoy these videos of Mason and Mo dancing in the car while in Florida. They've got moves, and yes, this is how they dance at home, too. Just wait until I post a video of Mason shaking his hips. :)


  1. Those were awesome videos! I'm glad Mason's doing well and that you guys all had fun on your trip!

  2. haha! those videos crack me up - they really do have moves! cute kids!! :)

    i'm glad mason is starting to do a little better! and i can't wait to hear about your MAW trip! :)

  3. Dani: Thanks! We definitely had a great time.

    Briana: Thank you! I'm working on a post today, so it should be up soon. :)