Monday, April 11, 2011

We're Home!

Okay, we were actually home {very} late Saturday night, but I am only just getting around to posting an update.

Mason had another round of chemo during this last stay at the hospital. The pharmacy was backed up and it took a while to get the chemo, so he almost had to stay another night because of it, but luckily, he got to come home after only one night. He had a super fun time, though. He's starting to love the "hosable," especially since these stays don't require major head pain and stitches. ;)

On Friday, while he was waiting for the chemo to come, he got a visit from Bullet the Wonder Cat, one of two cats in the state of Utah to pass the test required to be able to visit children in the hospital (and the only cat at PCMC). Mason has been talking and talking about "kitty cats" for two months, so he thought it was pretty cool that he finally got to see one. Most of my family is allergic, so we've never been cat people.

Bullet's owner, Dana, was the sweetest lady. She let Mason pet, feed, and brush Bullet. He was fascinated. Then she got the cutest book out about a cat who needs a bath, and read it to Mason. It was cute and silly, and made him laugh the whole time. They ended up spending something like 2 hours with Mason. :)

Sidenote: After 22 years of avoiding contact with cats just in case, I finally know that I am allergic. :) It wasn't that bad though, just a scratchy throat and itchy eyes.

The next day, a girl from Kid's Crew came down and played lots of games with Mason, painted, and made crafts with him. She was so sweet with him, and ended up spending at least two, if not, three hours with him. He LOVED it! We also had amazing nurses on each shift, which I have come to expect at Primary's. Aside from one back in November, we have not had a Nurse we didn't like enough to write letters to PCMC about. I'm starting to think they are all trained to be fantastic.

After Effects

Mason did really well with the chemo in the hospital. He wasn't nauseas, and felt just fine. Now, a few days afterward, it is starting to get to him. He doesn't feel as well as he usually does; he is more tired and has been throwing up every couple of hours. And if I ever needed proof of the chemicals that are in his body, I would just have to take a deep breath while he is throwing up. Instead of smelling like vomit, it smells like that burning tang you get when you bleach, or dye hair. It smells like chemicals. As disgusting as that sounds, it's one of those things I never realized would change.


  1. glad it was a short stay! but, poor mason! i'm sorry he's feeling so bad. i totally know what you mean about the "chemo smell" - elena's poo, vomit, even just her smell like chemo. it stinks. i hope he isn't sick for too long. he's in our prayers!

  2. Thanks, Briana! Isn't it funny how much chemo changes? Their hair, their attitude, and even their smell? *sigh* If it weren't saving his life, I would hate it.