Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Sweet Home

We're home! Mason spent three days in the hospital this time, and most of it was not fun. He is definitely getting sick of everything. There was at least one full-blown tantrum that included many bruising kicks to both Latu and I (that doctor probably thinks Mason is the worst was his first time meeting him), two half-tantrums that consisted of a lot of pouting and denying that I can be his mother, more than a few nightmares, lots of boredom, and one bet-wetting episode.

...not that I'm counting or anything.

He did have some fun in between all that, though. Just see for yourself in this video in which he plays with trains, talks about his tube, and shows us his awesome dance moves he learned from Beyonce and The Cheetah Girls:

(This was filmed with my phone, so sorry about the super shakiness.)

...I told you they were awesome. :)

Anyway, as we were about to leave the hospital yesterday, we noticed that Mason had a fever, and they held off on letting us go. They drew blood to check his counts, and took a sample from his sinuses (he had a runny nose and a cough, too). After a few more hours, they cleared us to go home.

Mason has never been more glad to be home. He clapped and cheered when we got off the freeway and he could see how close we were. Then he spent a long time petting his dogs and telling them how much he missed them. He still had a fever, runny nose, and cough when we went to sleep last night, but at least the fever is gone this morning. Phew!

More appointments this weekend, but until then, we have a few days of relaxation.


  1. the video wont work. it says it is private.

  2. No! Dang...okay, I changed it to the right setting, so it should play now. Sorry everyone!

  3. Glad he's feeling better now! Sounds like a not so fun weekend =/ But at least he got to show off his super cool dance moves!!

  4. oh, i'm sorry penelope! i know those hospital stays... it is so hard when they are sick of being there! i hope you guys are hanging in there. it is wearying! i'm glad that fever went away, so you didn't end up right back in the hospital - that would be LAME!

    the trains on his bed are pretty dang cute. :) sweet boy. and wow! he has some amazing moves! :) those head flicks and hips are pretty sweet!

  5. Angie: Yeah, it wasn't too fun. But the dancing made it a lot better. :)

    Briana: Thank you! We're SO glad it went away, also. It scared me for a bit but it all went well. :)