Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can I Tell You How Happy This Makes Me?

...because I am immensely happy after seeing this flyer. 100% of their proceeds for an entire week are being donated to CureSearch! Can you believe it? I could kiss the owner for this!

I read an interesting story on the blog of another cancer family the other day (who happen to be the best supporters/fundraisers for childhood cancer...seriously, it's inspiring). You can read the original post here, but I'll just post a section of it that stuck with me (emphasis added).
At a meeting I was at recently, I heard an interesting story. It was brought up how Glad to Give and Cookies for Kids' Cancer (they raise money for pediatric cancer research) were looking for a celebrity spokesperson/"face" to help promote their cause. Celebrity after celebrity turned it down because, "It was too sad!" Joan Cusack heard about it and was upset by people's response and jumped on board. She has no connection with childhood cancer other than being a mom, herself and working on some kid's films (like Toy Story 2&3). She just knew it was an important cause and that someone needed to care and GET OVER IT! 
Shocking, huh? I'm a new raving fan of Joan Cusack. 

For this reason especially, I am even more grateful when I see things like Tonyburgers' support.

Thank you TonyBurgers, for stepping up!


  1. Hooray! Way to get the word out! Have you met the Carvers (Chelsea is the mom and Cami is their five year old with ALL)? They are amazing! It is her fmaily that owns Tonyburgers and is doing the fundraiser. Most of their suppliers (like Coke, SaraLee, etc) donated all of the food for the week, so they can give 100%. It is AWESOME! I love hearing about people stepping up to the plate and giving.

  2. I haven't met the Carvers. I had no idea they were the owners! I am so glad they are doing this. I'm definitely going to make a stop there the next time we're up in Salt Lake.

  3. Yeah, they are the best! You'll love them. Hopefully you can meet Chelsea at one of the cancer mom's dinners in the future. They are working on nailing down a date for the next one, but I think it'll be one of the first few evenings in August. I'll e-mail you with the details as soon as I know.

  4. Sounds great! I'll keep an eye out for it. And I would LOVE the meet Chelsea!