Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hair: An Update

For the past two months or so, Mason's hair has been growing back...except it's different. Where his hair used to be dark, thick, coarse, and have kinky waves that were unable to be tamed, it is now light, thick, baby soft, and completely straight.

I was told that this is a common side effect of his treatments, but I had no idea what a difference it would make. When I run my fingers through his hair I expect to be met with thick coarse strands, when instead my fingers run right through, barely feeling a thing. When the sun shines on his hair, it looks golden. After it gets wet, there's no need for gel because it lies straight and smooth all on its own.

I never thought I would miss his untamed hair, but I do.

I never even thought I would miss his bald head this much, but I do. (Even thought he's a super cute baldie.)

But I never thought I would love his new hair this much, either. It changes his whole face to see him with lighter hair. Makes him look a little younger. Lets me think I get to keep my little boy a little boy for a just a while longer.

I wish I had pictures to show but sadly, I don't. And we just shaved his head because his hair was getting in his eyes. He's a baldie once again, until it grows back in.

And if it has changed again once it grows back, I'll sure miss this soft, straight hair, just like I miss his other looks.

But I'll love whatever comes next.


  1. This is exactly how Steven was. His hair was think and wavey and sort of out of control. And after the was straight. The color didn't change, but the texture for sure did. Also...Now he's a baldie. Not by choice!

    This is Chanel BTW....they won't let me post it using my account...weird....

  2. oh, i feel you! aren't the conflicting "hair emotions" so funny? i was SO sad to see it go at first and had a really hard time with elena being bald. then i loved her bald little head and became so proud of it. then her hair started growing back and i got sad to see the bald head go. now, she's got a nice crop and i'm getting really excited for it to get longer. although i think a piece of me will always miss the baldie. there is nothing more brave and beautiful than that sight.

    it is nice to know other people like you who "get it" and know exactly how it feels.