Sunday, June 26, 2011

Home {REALLY} Sweet Home

We were actually released yesterday, but we didn't get home until late that night and we were both ready to drop dead by then. Things went pretty well with this course of chemo; Mason's body handled it really well, and it hasn't made him sick...yet. He didn't have any other tantrums, and actually cried not to leave when I told him it was time to go. He really loves the treatment he gets in the hospital.

The only problem of our entire stay ended with Mason's port being bruised, and our requesting a change in Nurses. I didn't blog about it yesterday in the hospital, because it would have been a much angrier post. In short, the needle got pulled out of Mason's port (one of my biggest fears about his port!!!) shortly after I posted the last time, and they had to re-access the port...meaning he had to get poked again. It was a nightmare.

The longer version:
After working himself up to be scared to death of another poke, the Nurse poked him, moved it around (while inside of him, causing more blood and bruising), and then we found out a few minutes later that it was the wrong size of needle and he would have to be poked a third time...this time with no numbing cream, because the area was already bleeding and they really needed to flush the port before it clogged. All the while, the Nurse kept touching things like garbage with her gloves, and then touching Mason's line, and had to be reminded by the Tech to change her gloves over and over, because it is supposed to be a sterile procedure. Add on to that, the fact that the Nurse continually forgot what she was supposed to do next, and had to ask other people, almost threw away the wrong stuff, and so on. It was a disaster...worse than that other time during radiation. After everything was done, the pressure from anything that was pushed through his port hurt, and anytime his shoulder was accidentally bumped it hurt as well. He had constant fluids going through for our entire stay, so it was pretty bad for a while. When our new Nurse came to introduce herself, Mason cried to her about how he had been poked 3 times* by "that other Nurse," and how she had hurt him. It almost made us both cry.

I contemplated not even posting about this because I feel like a shrew complaining like this...and then I remember how my baby's eyes got huge and wide when that needle was moved around inside his port, the screams, the shaking in pain, and the tears, and I don't even feel bad anymore.

On the brighter side, he got really loopy from the Ativan (nausea medicine) they gave him later, and was way too giddy to notice his pain. He's never had this reaction to Ativan before, and while I was worried about him, it was pretty hilarious. He hallucinated "magic fings," that were bright and flew through the air talking to him and playing with him. He still talks about the "magic" he saw that night, and all the cool things he saw. He almost fell off the bed a couple times though, so I ended up sleeping with him in the bed so I would wake up anytime he tried to stand up to catch the "things" that were flying around the room.

Anyway, we're home now and Mason is doing just fine.

*To clarify, she really only poked him twice. The first poke was done earlier in oncology to check his blood counts, and nothing went wrong with it. 


  1. haha, that ativan is cah-ra-zy stuff!! i was laughing about "magical fings". :)

    i'm so sorry mason had such a rough time with the accessing! poor boy! he is so brave. you know, reading some of your description of the event was actually pretty informative. sometimes (with bad accesses, like the one we had in the ER last week) elena freaks out about fluids going in and says it hurts and also that it hurts to the touch. i hadn't connected two and two, but what you wrote helped me.

    i would really like to know that nurses name, just out of curiousity/wondering if we've ever had her/trying to avoid her in the future. maybe if you don't want to post it here, you should e-mail me. :) hehe.

    i'm glad you guys are home!

  2. I sent you an email last week... forgot to comment and say that! :)