Friday, June 24, 2011


We are currently in the hospital for Mason's 4th cycle of chemotherapy. The morning started with a quick blood count check, and then we headed downstairs for another sedated hearing test. They put Mason to sleep and he was in the happiest mood! Then he woke up completely angry; screaming, kicking, hitting, scratching, and not listening to anything for about 10 minutes straight. There were quite a few close encounters with faces and earrings. I don't think the poor nurses were sure what to do.

Later we found out that he had woken up to a bloody shirt and shorts; he had bled during the procedure, and while they suctioned his mouth, no one noticed that blood had come out of his feeding tube inside his shirt and had gotten all over. I'm sure it was shocking to wake up to that, and after talking we found that was the main reason for his outburst. We changed his clothes, and by the time we got upstairs to the ICS unit to be admitted, he was doing fine. Since then, he has had had two meals (where he actually ATE! Yay!), lots of toys brought to him, and has been living like a King. He loves it on this unit, and doesn't mind sleeping over. :)

The results from this test were much better than last time. If you remember, the last results were inconclusive. These ones show that while he still has no hearing in his right ear, his left ear is performing perfectly. The only problem they saw was that he has some fluid in both of his middle ears. They aren't worried about it because it is common to see this with his treatments and shouldn't be a problem, so they are going to leave it alone. We're supposed to watch for ear infections, though, and then we'll know that it has gotten worse.

Just a few cute moments from the day:

As the Nurse was checking his belly with the stethoscope, she talked about how his belly was hungry, so Mason said in a cute little high-pitched voice:
"Yeah, it's saying: 'Oh no! Cancer! Where's my chemo?'" 
Hahaha. We had a laugh at that.

Later, he was being evaluated for a study he's in that tests the effects cancer has on cognitive development in kids. The therapist running the evaluation played a game with him and then started asking him to describe some words for him. His responses were so cute! I'd post them here, but Latu got the jump on me and already posted some of them on her blog. You can read them here.

Anyway, things are going great so far. If all goes well, we will be home by tomorrow night. If not, then we'll have to stay until Sunday. But at least we have an absolutely gorgeous view of the Salt Lake valley from our window this time, instead of a hospital wall. :)


  1. yay for the good view! that's totally how we felt when we were there last week - we got a room with a good view, where every time recently it's been of the parking garage or the roof. :) the good view makes a difference.

    sounds like you guys had a little adventure this time getting started. scary about the blood - sometimes the lines scare me so much because i imagine elena's line leaking somehow in the middle of the night and her bleeding to death with no one knowing. ha - i'm a first class masochist, also. :) i'm glad it was ok and i hope you guys are home now!

  2. That's my exact worry about the lines! Either that, or that Mason will move in some weird way causing everything to be pulled out.