Sunday, July 31, 2011

Antelope Island: HopeKids Picnic at Fielding Garr Ranch

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to Antelope Island (a huge Island in the middle of the great Salt Lake) for an old-fashioned picnic with HopeKids. We joined this organization (which is fantastic, by the way) back in December, but have only been able to make it to one activity so far, out of the many they have had each month. We sign up for a lot of them, but are always having to cancel because of low counts, scheduling problems, etc. But we were finally able to go to our second activity, and boy was it good!

We gathered at the Fielding Garr Ranch, which is on the southern end of the island. I've never been to the ranch (let alone Antelope Island), so it was a neat experience. The property has huge, gorgeous trees, and some old historic buildings that are open for touring. We took old-fashioned family photos, had old-fashioned root beer floats, played old-fashioned games, did some crafts, and had a picnic. We opted to bring a very modern food called Subway. ;)

Below are some pictures from our day. Mason called it the "best picnic ever." And it really was.
Thanks HopeKids!!

And now it's time for...

Arachnophobia: Antelope Island Edition

After leaving the picnic, we pulled over to the side of the road to take some pictures. It was about halfway into our picture-taking that we finally look into the bushes that stood a mere foot away from us. And we found that Antelope Island is NOT a place we would ever want to live. 

Spiders sat by the tens in every bush that we could see, on every stretch of the road, and everywhere between us and the water. Every. single. bush. They ranged in size from tiny to two inches long, and they all shared webs...meaning that anywhere from three to 15 sat on one web. And when we stopped at the visitors center, we were greeted by even more on the walkways, and hanging out in the giant windows. *shiver*

Take a look for yourself:

And lest you think this isn't bad (believe me, these pictures do NOT do these spiders justice), let's count how many spiders were in this three-foot stretch of road. Click to enlarge, if you feel like getting the creepies.

18!! Nature's own little death-trap.


  1. ewwwwww! oh my word! those spiders are unreal! sick! i totally got the shivers looking at those pictures. we were supposed to go to that activity, but had to cancel because people were sick. now i'm feeling a little better about canceling. :) haha.

    but it looks like everything else was awesome! i'm glad you guys made it out to another hopekids event. we feel your pain - we've only been to a few because of low counts and such. but they are always great! maybe we'll see you guys at one soon. are you guys going to thanksgiving point?

  2. Lol. Yep. I definitely may have second guessed coming if I had known about the spiders before hand. Anyway, I'm sorry you couldn't make it! Maybe we'll see each other at one of the events one of these days. :)