Monday, July 11, 2011

CureSearch Cancer Walk Recap

Well the walk has ended, and it was a huge success! We had the largest number of participants of all the walks across the country (over 1,400 walkers!), and the total amount raised was $72,000 and counting! 

Our team, Mason's Brain Train, raised a total of $530! 
That's amazing!!

We are so very grateful to the many people who came out to support Mason, and to those who donated on his behalf. It means SO much to us!! It was such a special day, and we are glad to have shared it with you. 

Here are some highlights:

{Part of} our awesome team!

More team members.

The sweetest family who didn't even know us, but who came to walk after they heard about Mason from a friend. Thank you!

I missed getting pics of a few people, and there were others who I found out about afterward, who came to walk after hearing about Mason. Thanks you guys!!

Mason's favorite part of the day was the moment he got a medal. In the opening ceremony, they gave medals to all the survivors and those currently in treatment. It made me cry to see how excited he was for it. He talked about it over and over, and how he got it because he was "so brave." He even tried to sleep with it, but I finally convinced him to let me find a safe place for it, with a promise to hang it up on the wall. 

The walk itself was fun and easy. Everyone did one lap around Liberty Park, and met back at the beginning for a closing ceremony. Mason started out riding his bike (which Latu decorated for him as a surprise), but quickly got tired. He spent the rest of the walk chilling in the stroller, while the other kids took turns riding (or being pulled on) the bike. 

After everything ended we saw the Hoffmans. I've talked about them a few times, but  their family hosted a one year anniversary of Elena (their daughter) kicking cancer's trash not too long ago, where they put together kits for newly diagnosed cancer families, and hosted a blood drive. I posted about it, but I can't find the post to link for some reason. Elena has the most amazing personality I have seen, and is always the cutest little girl. Briana (the mother) is the sweetest woman, who always comments on this blog, and who is sure to invite me to all the cancer mom gatherings (btw, their blog is very inspiring). Needless to say, we love this family. :)

Anyway, we saw them and I wanted a picture of Elena and Mason. When they got together, they just kind of stared at each other for a while. I don't think they remembered each other. I said: "Mason, give Elena a hug," and I think he just about suffocated her. Lol. I hurried and snapped a quick picture of these two cuties!

By the way, all the kids were given these adorable hats that say: "Cancer Fighting Cutie!" Mason has acquired quite the taste for hats, so he was absolutely in love with it, and put it with his growing collection.

Thanks again for all of your support! If you want to see more pictures from the walk, you can visit the photo album here


  1. that's weird, i thought i commented on this post. hmmmm... :)

    anyways, it was so fun to see you guys there! elena loves meeting her "cancer friends" in person. :) i'm so excited for the dinner tomorrow night!

  2. Thanks Briana! It was great to see you guys, too. Mason talks about Elena every time he sees these pictures. :)