Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sign Language

I talked a little before about how I started teaching Mason sign language because he is deaf in one ear, and has a chance of losing hearing in his other ear from the chemo and radiation. He was extremely interested, absorbing anything I gave him and wanting more. He knows so many words and likes to play around trying to make sentences out of them.

I'm sad to say that after a few months I stopped teaching him. Partly because I don't know enough to really teach him, and partly because of other selfish factors like me being unmotivated to continue. I was reminded today of how much he loves it, though. It reminded me that I really want him to learn this, especially since he is so interested.

I came home during my break today to find that Latu has added to Mason's knowledge. She has taught him a very important sentence. I was so impressed that I hurried and recorded it. I almost cried the first time I watched him do this. The sentence is: "I have cancer, so I go to the doctor to fix it." He has it memorized, but was a little shy to do it by himself for the camera (who would have thought?), so Latu helped him out.

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  1. Wow, Pene! I haven't checked in for awhile (you know, having a baby slows you down a bit... ;) so it was great to get to catch up on everything going on. I still pray for you guys and love you!! Your little Mason is just absolutely amazing!! Really, what a special little boy - and what a special mama!