Friday, July 8, 2011

Tomorrow is the Day!

Well, the walk is tomorrow morning! Mason will be walking with us, sporting a cute little green mask, since his counts are getting low. He may even be bringing a train or two; who knows what he'll talk me into? I'll also be there with my camera, ready to take pictures of our awesome team! 

We're getting so excited to see everyone there. I can't believe how many of you will be there with us. We are so grateful to everyone who has joined our team, and those who will join tomorrow. This means so much to us!

We'll see you at the finish line!!


  1. HI
    My name is Jenna and i came across your site. mason is a courageous strong and determined fighter. He is a brave warrior, smilen champ and an inspirational hero. I hope you enjoy your walk. I will be keeping Mason in my thoughts and prayers. I was born with a rare life threatening disease, and I love it when people sign my guestbook.

  2. Pene, I was just catching myself up on Mason, it's been a couple months since I've read your blog. I was bawling the whole time, happy, sad and mad tears (at that nurse that seemed to have no business being one)...

    Anyway, I just had to check in and remind you of how amazing you are, Mason is and your family. I am so blessed to know you and Latu - I can picture you and her every time you tell stories when you get involved in arguments and stuff.

    What a journey this is. We all have different trials, I sure learn a lot from yours. One big thing you remind me to focus on is that knowledge is power. You don't just let doctor's and nurses spout of numbers or proceedures. You want to know what they are, what they mean, if they're necessary, the best way to do them...

    My heart is out to you and Mason. Thank you for your amazing and inspirational mothering, blogging and story-telling skills.

  3. Pene,

    We wish we could be there tomorrow! We made a donation and wish you all a wonderful walk!

    Love you!