Monday, August 22, 2011

Good News From the ENT!

We just got back from the ENT, who did another scope to check Mason's vocal chords. Remember how horrible the last time was? Well this time was nothing like it, and I'm happy to say that Mason's vocal cords are healing!

I posted a more detailed description of the voice box in this post, but I'll just post a picture of the vocal cords again, to go along with the description of today's results. If you remember, the vocal cords are the white parts and they open and close to expose or protect the windpipe. If you are really interested, you can watch this disgusting but real video of actual vocal chords in action (not Mason's).

Today the doctor found that Mason's left vocal cord--which had been weak when they last checked back in February--is working perfectly, and the right vocal cord--which had been paralyzed--is now weak, but moving!

This is such great news! I suspected that they had begun to heal because he isn't choking or coughing when he eats anymore, but it is so nice to hear the official results. According to him, Mason doesn't need to be on thickened liquids, or drink through a straw anymore. :)

By the way, Mason was a true champ today. He started out screaming until the scope was down his nose, and then he calmed down completely and did everything the doctor asked him to. This is no doubt due to his feeding tube, which he had for almost 7 months, and had to put back in after it came out so many times. I'm so proud of him! He's pretty proud of himself, and kept saying: "I was so brave...and I didn't even throw up!"


  1. Hooray! So happy to hear this good news! Phew - what a relief, right? What a brave boy - I couldn't imagine being awake for that!

    I hope Mason is feeling better!

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