Thursday, September 15, 2011

Monkey In My Chair, and A Schedule Change (Hopefully)

Latu and I just got back from doing a presentation in Mason's class (and by we, I mean Latu, because she did all the talking) about him having cancer, and the Monkey in my Chair program, which is for children with serious illnesses. Mason was sent a big huge monkey--named Bananas--that sits in his chair at school when he has to miss because of treatments, or because he isn't felling well, to remind his classmates that he is still there, and that he will come back. I'm not giving it justice in my description, but it is such a sweet thing that Mason is able to do this. His teacher was nice enough to let us explain it all, and she seemed excited about it too. She was talking about how they would dress Bananas up when he came to visit, take pictures, and things like that.  

Mason was actually supposed to leave his monkey tomorrow when he goes inpatient again, but we found out today that his counts aren't high enough for him to be admitted. His ANC is just barely under one-thousand, which is what is required to be able to start another round of chemo. We'll have his counts check again on Monday, and if they are over one-thousand, then he will be admitted. 

This works in our favor though, since we LOVE his Oncologists, Dr. Bruggers and Dr. Sato. Since his treatments had to be pushed back to a Friday schedule three months ago, we've been having to go to clinic on Fridays. Neither of them works on Fridays, so we have had to see other doctors. They weren't bad doctors, but they didn't know Mason's specific case, and I was always having to repeat the entire history for each weekly visit, only to have them say they would have to check with Dr. Bruggers or Dr. Sato and get back with us before doing anything. It will be SO nice to be with doctors who know Mason and his history, again. Plus, I just like them better anyway. They always remember Mason, and asked for an update the three times we've randomly run into each other. :) My fingers are crossed, hoping we can get back to a Monday schedule!


  1. That "Monkey in my Chair" program sounds so darling. What a great idea!

    I LOVE Dr. Sato! She is awesome! Really caring - she's one of the few doctors who always makes me feel completely validated even if they don't agree with me.

  2. Isn't it? I was so impressed and grateful when the package came, I was in tears!

    Anyway, yes, Dr. Sato is amazing!! She is my absolute favorite, for the exact reason your stated.