Friday, October 21, 2011

Pics and MAW Newsletter + "A Halloween Quilt!"

Look what was found in the Make-A-Wish newsletter that came yesterday! 

This is a scan of the page so it's not very good quality, but in case you can't read it, it says:
Mason, 4
A wish to go to Walt Disney World Resort
Wish Granters: Rob Neumann, Brian Jackman
Mason knew right away that he wanted to wish to ride Lilly Bell the Train while in Florida. He wasn't disappointed when he was able to do just that!

...and it has Mason's picture with Mickey Mouse. Isn't that so cute? Darl brought it out to me today and showed it to me. I'm so glad he read it, because I didn't even see that it had come in the mail. I would have completely missed it! Mason thought it was just the coolest thing.

Our friend Elena was also in the newsletter on the page across from Mason, for her MAW trip to Disney World. (Briana, I have a scan of it if you want it...didn't want to post it without your permission.)

I want to say thank you to our friends at The Stitching Corner! Vili and my mom went there with Mason a few weeks ago, and while they were there, they met the owner, who is the sweetest woman. She fell in love with Mason and was genuinely interested in how his treatments are going. Mason fell in love with her and her "coooolest" store. He's been talking about his visit all the time, and how nice "the lady" was. Vili got an email from her earlier this week, and she wanted him to bring Mason back because she had a quilt for him. When we got there, Mason went on and on about how he now has "a Halloween quilt," and how warm he is with it on. She couldn't have known that Mason has a gigantic love for blankets, but he does, and this was just about the best gift she could have given him.

I was cleaning pictures off my phone, and came across some that I forgot I had. These are from Mason's last chemo admission. Talia and her kids came to visit us, and ended up making Mason's day! He was grumpy and sad that last time (which is odd, because he loves the hospital), but their visit completely changed that. Seriously, it was like night and day.

 A few pics during his blood transfusion last week.

And one from today, while at Mason's favorite dessert shop ever: The Chocolate.

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  1. we saw mason in the newsletter!! (we got one too, thanks for thinking of us!) wasn't it a fun little surprise to get in the mailbox? i bet mason loved seeing himself in it.

    that treat from "the chocolate" looks wonderful. it is just around the corner from us and we have never been!