Sunday, November 6, 2011

The ER Sucked

We just got back from the ER at Primary Children's, and I can say one thing: I don't ever want to go back; they're not very nice. Mason came down with a fever this afternoon, and so we drove up there with Latu to have him admitted.

While there, they treated Mason as if he were the bratty kid who happened to interrupt their chance to sit back and relax. They had no patience with him, and weren't very nice. Of course, he was feeling terrible and throwing a humongous fit, so they just went ahead and held him down anytime they needed to, so they could get on with their night, and not have to wait while we talked him through the things they were doing.

The nurse also pulled his port out the wrong way, so that I was honestly afraid the screws would become detached from his muscle; pulling so hard, that his skin and port tented up in the air, then snapped back to his body when the needle came out. This would be the same nurse who didn't believe Latu when she told her that Mason's doctor doesn't want him to have any Tylenol at all (ever), so she went ahead and told us that she had asked a nurse who "has worked with [Oncology] kids before," who said that it's okay to give him Tylenol, so we should do that when we get home. (Sorry, but I'll go ahead and follow the advice of the doctor who actually knows Mason's entire history, thankyouverymuch.) *sigh*

I won't go into any more detail, but let's just say that now I understand why other cancer parents complain about Primary's ER.

Anyway, Mason did calm down eventually, after all the tests were done...and after the doctor and nurses left. *evil laugh* From then on he was his same sweet self, smiling and telling stories, and eventually watching Thomas. We even played cards, and he won every single round of slap jack.

While waiting, Mason made a video that he requested be put on his blog. Don't mind the semi-bad words he uses; I only let him call cancer names, so he takes every opportunity he can to say bad words, like: "poopy," "pee," or "stupid."

The good thing about all of this is that it is the very first fever he has had during treatment. It's crazy, but after all the preparation we were given for being vigilant and always ready to come to the hospital at a moment's notice, he has never had a fever before this. We have been so truly blessed!

FYI: I was going to post about the HopeKids birthday bash we went to yesterday, but I'll post about it this coming week instead. We had so much fun!

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